Lala Kent Isn't the First: Look Back on Vanderpump Rules' Exiting Cast Members

From Laura Leigh to James Kennedy, look back on all the SURvers who've worked at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant over the last five seasons

By Tierney Bricker Dec 13, 2016 8:13 PMTags

It's all sexy and unique until someone leaves SUR.

While it's yet to go down on Vanderpump Rules, hostess Lala Kent confirmed to E! News that she quit the show as well as the restaurant midway through the filming of season five.

"My reasoning for leaving was I felt like it was too much of a negative impact on my day-to-day life," Lala exclusively told us. "There was not enough good to outweigh the bad. I've also worked so hard on my talent as far as singing and acting goes, and no one has really recognized that. It's just been a bunch of shit-slinging. I just don't care to be part of anything like that."

Lala isn't the first cast member to leave  the show and/or restaurant during its five-season history, with Lala's BFF James Kennedy being fired by Lisa Vanderpump in a recent episode.  Now, we present a brief history of all the hostesses, bartenders and members of the wait staff we've seen come and go over the last five years...

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DJ James Kennedy (Season five)
Position: DJ
How long he worked there: two-three years
Reason for leaving: He was fired by LVP in spectacular fashion after months of drinking on the job, getting into arguments at SUR and Pump and disrespecting Lisa...and most of the women who work at SUR. 
Most memorable moment: It'll be hard for the editors to ever top themselves for following up one of James' most obnoxious quotes, "I'm young, I'm good looking, I'm a DJ in Los Angeles. I'm f--king killing the game," with his stint as DJ for the World Dog Day Fair. Sample soundbites included the troublemaking DJ asking, "Will the owner of a Toyota please head to the DJ booth. I found your keys. It's got Mickey Mouse key on it. Toyota, owner of a Toyota, I've got your keys," as well as, "Don't forget, doggie yoga starts at 2 o'clock. Relax with some yoga, bring your pups, chill." And finally: "Just a reminder, pick up your poop."


Tom Schwartz (season three)
How long he worked there: One shift, though he's still a main cast member 
Reason for leaving: Anxiety attack within seconds of starting first shift at PUMP, LVP's other West Hollywood haunt. 
Most memorable moment: Um, having an anxiety attack and walking out. Oof. We still love ya, Schwartzy, as does LVP.

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Laura Leigh (season one)
How long she worked there: A few months
Reason for leaving: Booked a role in a film, We're the Millers
Most memorable moment: Where to begin? There was Jax dumping her just after he attended a 12 Step meeting for her drug problem. There was also her going off on Stassi at a staff meeting over nasty texts. And then there was her confronting Jax over their sex life in the middle of the restaurant.

Vail Bloom (season three)
Position: Hostess/Daytime Emmy Award nominee  (?!)
How long she worked there: A few months?
Reason for leaving: Dignity/dating Chris Pine
Most memorable moment: Making her "coffee" with manager Peter into the most awkward date ever.

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Kristen Doute (season three)
Position: SURver
How long she worked there: Over seven years and is still a main cast member/SUR lingerer 
Reason for leaving: Um, she was infamously fired for going off on management. And for having daily meltdowns at the restaurant over having to work with her ex, Tom, and his new girlfriend, Ariana.
Most memorable moment: Telling the manager Diana to "suck a d—k" at the restaurant.


Stassi (season three)
Position: SURver
How long she worked there: Five years and is a main cast member again in season five 
Reason for Leaving: She quit to move to NYC with her boyfriend, Patrick, burning most of her bridges with her cast members and Lisa on her way out, leading to season four's infamous apology tour.
Most memorable moment: Hiding wine in the bathroom to drink during her shifts.

Frank (season one)
Position: Bartender/The Worst
How long he worked there: A couple of years
Reason for leaving: Fired by Lisa for getting into an argument with a customer, and saying he would pull the man's underwear over his head in front of his girlfriend. The man then threw a beer on him.
Most memorable moment: Being the complete loser who tried to sell a sex tape of Stassi, who he dated for a hot minute in season one after she broke up with Jax.


Jax Taylor (season four)
Position: Bartender
How long he worked there: Still works at SUR, but was suspended without pay for two weeks
Reason for suspension: While on vacation with the SUR gang in Hawaii, Jax drunkenly stole a pair of sunglasses, and was arrested for shoplifting. Lisa was not amused, and suspended the troublemaker. I would think very carefully about my future if I was you,'
Most memorable moment: A secret diner once sent back a drink, saying it wasn't quite right, prompting Jax to wait a beat and then just send back the same drink, saying people usually don't even notice. (He was right, she said it was better the second time around). 

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