Maryse had some serious explaining to do on Wednesday's Total Divas!

On the episode, Maryse made some purchases behind her husband The Miz's back, and he wasn't happy when he found out. First, Maryse adopted a dog without telling her husband, who had told her previously that he didn't want more animals. Then, Maryse told The Miz that she had purchased a house without consulting him, which made him even more upset.

"The market is really good right now, I know what I'm doing, you just need to trust me but it's really hard for you to trust me right now," Maryse said on the episode.

"Yeah," The Miz replied.

So was the couple able to make up on the episode?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more OMG moments from this episode of Total Divas!

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1. Trinity Lands a Movie Role:

While talking to Mark Carrano, the VP of talent relations for WWE, Trinity Fatu learns some exciting news.

"You are frustrated with creative, I know that because we're not doing much," Carrano tells Trinity. "Unfortunately we're not gonna get you up and rollin' for probably like three more weeks. Well there's a reason behind all of our madness…if you're gonna be out for three to four weeks, we might as well put you in a movie."

"Me?!" Trinity asks.

After Trinity learns she will be in The Marine 5 with The Miz, she calls the opportunity "unbelievable" and she couldn't be more excited.

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2. Brie Learns She's Not Pregnant:

Even though Brie Bella's home pregnancy tests have been saying she's not pregnant, she's two weeks late on her period, which she says "never" happens.

So she decided to go to her doctor and take a blood test to see if she really is pregnant.

When her doctor calls, Brie learns that her results were "negative," which means she's not pregnant yet. But her doctor encourages her to keep trying and tells her to not give up.

Maryse, The Miz, Total Divas, Total Divas 603


3. The Miz Finds Out Maryse Adopted a Dog Behind His Back:

Even though The Miz didn't want another dog, when Maryse visits an animal shelter she can't help but take one of the dogs home. But when The Miz finds out about the dog, he's less than pleased.

"This is what happens every time you go to a pet shelter, I didn't want another dog, that's what we talked about though," The Miz tells Maryse. "I don't want another dog, I don't want another cat, I don't want any more animals."

Maryse explains that she just couldn't put the dog back in the cage and she can't bring him back now.

"Oh this is gonna be miserable," The Miz says after seeing all of the dogs together.

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4. Brie Strips Down for Sexy Photo Shoot:

Before she gets pregnant, Brie wants to do a sexy photo shoot. So she heads to L.A. and strips down into a bikini for a photo shoot with Nikki Bella, Lana, Renee Young and Paige.

"I might not get my body back after pregnancy…how cool that I can kind of document it now before I see it change?" Brie says.

But supermodel Susan Holmes McKagan assures Brie that after having babies you get "more feminine" and embrace your curves.

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5. Maryse Buys a House Without Telling The Miz:

Maryse takes her husband to see a house that she's interested in flipping, but when they arrive, The Miz isn't impressed.

After critiquing the house, Maryse tells The Miz that she already bought it.

"You didn't even talk to me, you didn't tell me, you just went out and bought it?" The Miz says.

Maryse explains that she had to "act really really fast" and made the decision with her "team," which consists of her realtor friend, her contractor and her architect.

"And I'm not a part of the team?" The Miz asks. "You talk to all those people, but your husband."

Maryse tells The Miz that that's not what she's saying, but they now own the place and they're going to have to make it "look good."

6. Brie Says Nikki Is "Ruining" Her Weekend:

Before getting pregnant, Brie really wants to "live it up" this weekend and go into "Brie Mode." But when Brie says that she wants to get a tattoo, Nikki says she can't because her husband Daniel Bryan would be "so upset."

"I really want to live it up this weekend before getting pregnant, but my sister…actually no I'm gonna call her my mom…she's ruining the whole moment," Brie says. "She's just like killing the whole mood."

When Brie and Nikki have a talk, Nikki explains that this isn't the last time she's going to have fun, and her life isn't over because she's becoming a mother.

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7. The Miz Admits It's "Hard" to "Trust" Maryse:

Before The Miz leaves for a month to film The Marine 5 in Vancouver, he has dinner with Maryse.

The Miz explains that Maryse "worries" him when she does these "big spends" because it's a "gamble."

"The market is really good right now, I know what I'm doing, you just need to trust me but it's really hard for you to trust me right now," Maryse says.

"Yeah," The Miz replies. "What else are you gonna do when I'm gone for four weeks?"

He then explains that they need to communicate better and Maryse says she should've asked him before making a decision about the house.

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8. Trinity & Jon Make Up After Their Fight:

To help Trinity prepare for her role and to help her get over her fear of riding a motorcycle, Trinity's husband Jon surprises her with a small bike that she can practice riding on.

But when Trinity tests the bike, she ends up almost hurting herself and gets upset with Jon.

So to make it up to Trinity, Jon buys her flowers and a card in which he tells her that he's already booked a flight to come visit her on the set of the movie and all is good between them before she leaves.

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