Why Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Define Relationship Goals

Actress turns 40 today

By Kendall Fisher Nov 29, 2016 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Anna Faris Gushes Over Husband Chris Pratt

Anna Faris turns 40 today—yes, we find that pretty hard to believe, too—and we cant help but celebrate one of the most important things to her: her marriage to Chris Pratt!

The actress married her hunky hubby in 2009, and they've become one of our absolute favorite couples ever since. Not only are they parents to a precious little boy named Jack, but they also make us believe in love again with their honest and open adoration for one another.

In other words, they embody #RelationshipGoals perfectly. Here's why:

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' Cutest Family Moments
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1. They Aren't Embarrassed to Gush About One Another: Both Anna and Chris have shared their feelings toward each other, unfazed by what the public might think and never too proud to give the other all the compliments in the world.

For example, during an interview with Huffington Post last year, the actress explained, "He is sexy, but more importantly he's a great person. When I was falling in love with him, I loved how kind he was to people. I loved how smart he is, but he's not pretentious at all. He doesn't wear that as a badge—he kind of lets people slowly discover it."


2. They're Amazing Parents: Whether they're taking their 4-year-old son to the zoo or letting him color on the walls, they love their son—who was born prematurely in 2012—to the ends of the earth and back.

Anna has often gushed about what a great father Chris is. "He's strict, but he's also incredibly fun, incredibly loving," she told HuffPo. "It's so amazing to see that moment that Chris comes home from work and Jack is like, 'Daddy!'"

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3. They're Totally Themselves Together: As we all know, Anna and Chris got their start in the industry for their great sense of humor. Both of them have continued to feed off each other and their silliness.

Case in point: The actor shared this "daylight savings" look of his wife above. He captioned it, "Pictured here, Hollywood actress Anna Faris models silver dollar in her eye. #daylightsavings." LOL!

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4. They're Always Giving Back: Whether they're participating in the social media challenges to raise awareness around important subjects or volunteering at the Seattle Children's Hospital, Anna and Chris are always making a difference in their community.

One of the biggest charities they work with is the March of Dimes, which helps raise funding and awareness around premature birth—a topic that hits close to home for the couple as Jack was born a preemie.


5. They're Both Successful: Both Anna and Chris have seen lots of success in the industry, building their individual movies careers. While Anna is a big face for comedic roles and has taken her humor into the podcast realm, Chris has taken on a variety of characters in varying films, from Jurassic World to Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt's Best Roles

Me and Anna just busting through that #12s wall real quick.

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6. They Share Similar Interests: Other than acting, the couple actually has a lot in common when it comes to their interests outside of work. Both of them appreciate the outdoors and, considering they grew up just miles away from one another in the rainy city, they have a total obsession with the Seattle Seahawks.  

7. They're Not Faking It: We all know those couples who put on a front for the cameras and social media, but Chris and Anna really do love each other—it's obvious.

Their posts are never above and beyond. They're always just spot-on: a simple depiction of their lives and their unconditional love for one another.

Just to give you a taste, Chris posted the photo above during Anna's birthday last year and wrote: "We have always wanted to try a Quilceda Creek cabernet. A Pacific Northwest wine that scores 99-100 in all those wine magazines. The vineyard is about 20 minutes from where we grew up and I've never had it. Anyways. I don't know shit about wine. But GOD DAMN this woman is good lookin' and the wine sure tastes good as well. Thankful for so much. #AnnasBDayWeekend #freedom."

Happy birthday, Anna!