The Flash Finally Revealed the Truth About Tom Felton's Character

Draco gonna Malfoy

By Jean Bentley Nov 23, 2016 3:23 AMTags
Watch: "The Flash" Brings Aboard Tom Felton

It took The Flash long enough! When Tom Felton signed on to be a series regular for season three, we knew there had to be more to his character than simply "dickish coworker of Barry Allen's." And now, finally, in the seventh episode of the season, we know the truth.

(This is where you look away if you haven't watched yet.)

Julian Albert isn't just a d-bag with an irrational hatred for Barry (Grant Gustin), he's actually EVIL! And to be honest, that's what we've expected since the beginning. Why get Draco Malfoy to be in your show if you're not going to make him a bad guy?

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It turns out that Julian has an anti-metahuman agenda not because he just, like, irrationally hates them. It's because he's clearly covering up his true identity—Doctor Alchemy, a.k.a. the acolyte of speed god Savitar, this season's tag team of big bads.

When E! News spoke to Flash executive producers Aaron and Todd Helbing ahead of the season three premiere, they both warned that Barry and the entire Team Flash would certainly not be ready for the evil they were about to confront.

"Doctor Alchemy is not a speedster. He's like an alchemist, he's able to turn things into other things," Aaron said. "He's a bad dude!"

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Added Todd, "In season one with Thawne, it was very clear what he had to do. In season two, Zoom was more of the chaotic sort of villain. But in season three, there's Doctor Alchemy and there's another speedster villain and there's a lot more of a psychological component to it that affects Barry in a way that nobody's going to [expect]."

And there's really nothing Barry can do to be ready for what's next. "Barry's not prepared for it," said Aaron. "Barry and the team are not prepared for what they're about to face."

The Flash airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.