How Adrienne Bailon Lost 22 Lbs. in Just Two Months Ahead of Her Wedding Day

Newlywed's trainer dishes the details about her workout and diet routine

By Kendall Fisher, Alessandra Mortellaro Nov 22, 2016 10:49 PMTags

Adrienne Bailon looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day for so many reasons!

Not only did she totally radiate happiness in her gorgeous gown while walking down the aisle toward Israel Houghton, but she also looked super healthy and fit.

So how exactly did she prep for her big day? Her trainer, Massy Arias, chatted exclusively with E! News and dished some details about her intense workout routine and dietary habits.

"Her goal was to get down to her usual weight. A lot of people don't know this, but she's very tiny, she's 4'9," Arias explained. "She's always had her goal weight in mind so she wanted to get back to a weight that she was comfortable with prior to gaining a few pounds."

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Thus, Arias set her up with an intense fitness schedule.

"She works out with me three to four times a week then she does homework that I give her at home so five days a week total," the trainer explained. "90 minutes total per day. 30 minutes of cardio on her own in the morning and then one hour with me. That hour was maximized because our training would be divided into circuits and there was no resting time or breaks in between."

Sounds like she was sweatin'!


Aside from getting it in at the gym, though, Bailon also focused on healthy eating habits.

Arias said she would typically drink two plant-based protein drinks a day—one right when she woke up and one for dinner, before she goes to bed. In between, she'd eat a normal breakfast and lunch. She loves Poke salads as well as eggs and avocado toast. She'd also eat yogurt and cashews for a pre-workout snack.

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Overall, Arias revealed, "It was a two-month process. Adrienne lost 22 lbs., and Israel—who was doing it with her—lost 25 lbs."

And they did it all without cheating!

"No alcohol and no diary allowed," the trainer revealed. "[They lost the weight] by eating the right food, eating the right amount of food, and just making sure we were hitting our goals every time."

She continued, "I made sure she stayed hydrated, and the fact that they removed lactose and alcohol was one of the best things they did. Honestly, I'm really proud of them because they set that goal and they did it. They were really committed. No shortcuts, no trends, or waist trainers. Nothing crazy. It was done with good exercise and good eating and just taking away things that contributed to them gaining a certain amount of weight. We all go through ups and downs at some point."

Way to go, Mr. and Mrs. Houghton!

—Reporting by Alessandra Mortellaro