Pop Icons Week, The Cost of Being Mariah Carey

E! Illustration

It's not easy being Mariah Careydahhling.

Or, rather, we should say it isn't easy on the wallet. After all, it takes quite a lot of work (and money) to incorporate all that luxury into every day. One doesn't just roll out of bed and expect to be at the caliber of our dear Mimi! 

No one but Mariah herself will ever know the true intimate details of what goes on behind-the-scenes (and on her credit card), but we just had to do a little digging to get a taste of the good life. It's the holiday season, after all—what better time to entertain outlandish fantasies about lavish divas? Read on to find out what a day in the life of Mimi looks like...in dollar terms. (Approximate, that is, because math). 

$250,000: Average rent for a Calabasas mansion fit for a Queen Mimi. When she was renting her digs with former fiancé James Packer, they shacked up in an 18,000 square foot abode complete with eight bedrooms, a movie theater, an elevator, a wine tasting room and a sauna. 

$6,000: Average one-way trip on a private jet from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. She may perform on the strip, but she's obviously not going to live there all the time. As such, she needs a travel option that's more first-class than first class. 

$35,000: One night at the Nobu Villa at the Nobu Hotel in Caesar's Palace. Sure, no one knows which room she actually stays in, but that's the best suite in the place and it also happens to be the location of her music video shoot for "Infinity."

$1,500: Cost of dinner for eight at Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood. Celebrities love their Craig's, and Mariah Carey is no exception. This bill (pre-tip!) includes delicacies like truffle bolognese, filet mignon and $440 bottles of Dom Perignon. Because you have to have champagne, darling. 

$9 Million: The cost of MC's New York City apartment...when she bought it in 1999. It's a triplex penthouse on Central Park West, so we're willing to bet that it's gone up in value just a bit since then.

$1,400: Nightly rental cost of an Aspen Airbnb. Mimi loves to do her holiday-ing in Aspen, and reportedly rented two different houses in the idyllic mountain city this year. We plebeians would never be able to get near her holiday home, but if we want to taste just a little bit of her luxe Christmas lifestyle we can try out this place. Just make sure to book ahead, dahling

$340,000: Weekly cost of renting a mega-yacht in Capri. This summer, the singer charted what was basically a resort on the ocean to carry her through Italy's most beautiful section of coastline, and it certainly wasn't the first (or the last) that she's spent a pretty penny on the high seas. 

$19,000: The price of the best glam team money can buy—at least according to TMZ. They estimate that she drops $9,600 on her hair stylist, over $7,000 on her makeup artist and $2,400 on her manicurist. And that's for one appearance. But hey, we gotta say, it seems like it's worth the price, right? Right?

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