Shocked Capybara

Planet Earth II

If you haven't been keeping up with Planet Earth II, you need to get on that. Not only is it the coolest and the most mesmerizing thing you'll watch all day, but it's also great at giving us some killer memes. Not long ago the internet fell in love with a clip featuring a pile of snakes chasing a baby iguana. We won't spoil the ending for you if you haven't watch it yet. We do highly recommend you see it for yourself, however. It's equal parts terrifying and fascinating. If that sounds like your vibe, we've got another Planet Earth II moment for you to enjoy. This time, an amazing Capybara has meme'd himself into the public eye. When you see that face, you will understand why this buddy has already won the hearts and tweets of so many. If you aren't familiar with this animal, you will be.

The Capybara is basically a giant rodent (with kind of the most adorable mug ever) and a relative to the guinea pig. Why is this guy so internet famous? Recently on Planet Earth II, viewers watched a Jaguar brutally attack and kill a Caiman. All of us were picking our jaws off the floor in shock and, from the look on its face, apparently the Capybara was too. Thanks to his reaction, he's now known as Planet Earth's 'Shocked Capybara.'

That face is truly all of us, and it is no surprise that it's the meme of the hour. "That Jaguar eating the Caiman was amazing," someone tweeted next to the photo of the Capybara's amazing face. Amazing? How about terrifying? Another wrote, "I definitely think "Shocked Capybara Face" should become a thing." Today is obviously their lucky day. Actually, it's everyone's lucky day. Here's hoping the innocent Capybara can properly recover from what he just witnessed. Stay strong, buddy.

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