ESC: Priyanka Chopra

iPix211/London Entertainment

Scarves are so underrated.

For whatever reason when we picture that necessary winter accessory our parents forced us to wear growing up, we have immediate flashbacks of the less-than-stylish ones our grandmothers used to knit us. But lucky for us, that's totally not the case anymore. #Blessed

That bad rep scarves used to have went out the door the day fashion gods started making ones like this. And this. And this. And the one Priyanka Chopra's wearing above. Starting to get the picture?

There are thin scarves, thick scarves, long scarves, short scarves, wide scarves, cotton scarves, faux fur scarves...the list goes on. So no matter your personal style, there's bound to be your perfect match out there. Somewhere. (And by somewhere, we mean right here.)

So without further ado, it's time you had a mini lesson in scarf styles! 

Click here for a little celeb inspiration and a lot of great finds that will surely keep you warm this winter.

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