Teen Joins Random Thanksgiving After Someone Else's Grandma Texts Him an Invite

Best mistake ever

By Dominique Haikel Nov 17, 2016 10:36 PMTags
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Honestly, who doesn't want to eat two Thanksgiving dinners? That's exactly what one man gets to do after someone else's grandma accidentally text him an invite. The guy was put in a group text by mistake, with two numbers he did not have in his contacts. The message said to be from "grandma," explained that Thanksgiving dinner was to be at her house this year, and offered an invite. What the woman didn't realize was that she had texted the wrong person, and was not his grandma at all. Seemingly confused, he asked his alleged grandma to send him a photo, to prove it was really her. When she did, he replied "You not my grandma," and the rest is history. In the best plot twist ever, he asked, "Can I still get a plate tho?" "Of course you can," she wrote. Spoken like a true grandma! We love it. 

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"That's what grandmas do...feed everyone," she continued. Aww! The text exchange was posted to Twitter and now has over 300,000 likes and over 100,000 Retweets. Screenshots of the messages were posted alongside the caption, "Somebody grandma is coming in clutch this year!! Ayee!!!" Right? We really couldn't agree more.

From the looks of Twitter comments, it seems like the person who posted the shots forgot to blur out grandma's number. It looks like the texts from strangers are already rolling in, asking for plates as well. Whoops. 

"This poor woman's phone # is on blast... she's gonna hafta move Turkey Day to like the convention center," someone tweeted in reply. This statement is accurate.

The teen, HuffPost notes, named Jamal Hinton, along with his faux grandma Wanda, are both from Arizona. What makes this story even cooler is that the 17-year-old met Wanda at her house yesterday and had a great time. He told the publication that she was "funny" and "sweet," and that their Thanksgiving plans are still on the calendar. "She was really nice!" he said after meeting her. Best Thanksgiving ever?