The Rules According to Megyn Kelly: Hear the Fox News Host's Inspiring Career Advice for Women

Plus, did the Settle for More author ever want to give up her career?

By Julia Russo Nov 17, 2016 11:25 PMTags
Watch: Megyn Kelly's Inspiring Advice for Young Women

Eyeing that corner office or looking for a promotion at work?

We sat down to talk with Megyn Kelly about her new memoir, Settle for More, in New York this week, and the Fox News journalist shared some advice for women who are just starting out about succeeding in the workplace.

We also asked the Kelly File host if she ever doubted herself or at any time wanted to quit during the course of her enviable career. Her response?

"Heck yes, all the time!"

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She explained, "I have many self doubts and insecurities...I used to watch these people on TV or in magazines and feel envy not for how they looked, but for how together their lives seemed or how happy they seemed in comparison to me."

Wait, that happened to Megyn Kelly, too?!

"In that moment I resolved that I would settle for more, and that's become my life philosophy," she recalled.

Watch: The Rules According to Megyn Kelly

The cable news veteran also provided us with her personal workplace rules. 

Rule No. 1: "Coffee!"

Kelly talked about everything from the importance of developing a thick skin and mastering how to carry one's self in the office to how to best deal with criticism and whether it's OK to cry at work—and it's all in the video right here. 


Meanwhile, Settle for More, is on shelves and available for download now.