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"What the hell?" "Who the hell?" "When the hell?!"

If you found yourself asking these questions aloud while watching tonight's episode of Lost, you are not alone, my fellow lost friends.

The "WTF?" factor seems to be escalating with each new episode as the Island skips through time...and according to Lost's big bosses, the romantic tension also will keep building between some of our favorite Islanders (and Others) who just so happen to be pictured in all their hotness above.

So what's the word on the love quadrangle of Juliet, Sawyer, Jack and Kate? And what surprising little nuggets did we learn tonight? Read on...

Lost: No Place Like Home, Parts Two and Three

Runnn, Penny, Runnnn! You gotta love Penny's undying devotion to Desmond--after all, she's his constant! (Swoon.) But girlfriend needs to draw the line when it comes to going with Dezzie-poo to Los Angeles to track down Daniel Faraday's mum, because in case anyone forgot, that just so happens to be the current (we think) location of one very vengeful guy: Mr. Benjamin "You killed my daughter, prepare for your daughter to die" Linus. Something tells me she's headed way too close to Ben, and it makes me nervous.

Is Charlotte Dead? Whether she is or isn't, that bloody, knee-bended, face plant is certainly gonna leave a mark. I'll be talking with Rebecca Mader herself in the morning, so please post any questions you have for her below and I will gladly ask as many as I can. First and foremost on my agenda: Are you still on the show? Is Charlotte alive? And did you ever try a humidifier for those nosebleeds? 'Cause mine works wonders. Just sayin'. Oh, and we also need to know Charlotte's history on the Island, right? She can't die yet!

Charles Widmore Isn't Just Wicked...He's Wicked Hot! (And Wicked Old): We now know that Charles' evildoing goes back a good 50 years, as we saw him as a young, strapping soldier who deftly snapped the neck of a fellow Other who had started to spill info. But more important, given that he was at least 18 years old in 1954, that makes Penny's papa at least 72 in the flashforwards. And I dare say the man has truly discovered some kickass antiaging cream and Oil of Olay should sign his ass pronto as a poster child. Oh, and speaking of the ageless...

Richard Alpert Is Everywhere: Bless you, CBS, for canceling Cane! 'Cause now Richard Alpert is popping up all over the place, and the eyeliner budget for Lost's makeup department is soaring! Anyone else love that Richard's creepy visit to Locke's hospital on the day he was born appears to be after Locke's invitation? Sorta great.

Lost: Jughead

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  1. Jin's coming back next week. (Or so I'm told.) Yay, Daniel Dae Kim! We've missed you.
  2. Keep reading below for some thoughts on the love quadrangle (pictured above), courtesy of a chat with Lost chiefs Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse...

How would you describe the Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle storyline this season? Is it given much prominence, or are you pulling away from that a little bit?
Carlton Cuse: Not at all. I think we're always trying to find the balance between character-based stories and mythology-based stories, and I think it'd be better to categorize it as a quadrangle. Juliet is very much in the middle of that. In fact, Sawyer and Juliet were last seen together on the Island, and Kate and Jack were off the Island, so that's something that is interesting to us and we will explore. It very much is a quadrangle.

Damon Lindelof: What's cool about the show this year is that we're kind of picking up both stories exactly where we left off. On the Island there's been this big flash of light, and Sawyer and Juliet are standing there on the beach having just seen the freighter explode. For those guys, Kate just left on the chopper five minutes ago...[but] for Kate and Jack, they were engaged, they broke up, she went on trial, he got addicted to pills, he grew a horrible beard...

That was a bad beard.
Damon: [Laughs.] Yes, but it's gone now, so we'll never have to speak of it again. The fact of the matter is, it's all a matter of perspective; if you're watching the Oceanic Six show, then the Island scenes are flashback; if you're watching the Island show, then the Oceanic Six scenes are flashforward. But as far as the relationships are concerned, Sawyer and Juliet have kind of just started hanging out, and Kate and Jack have already gone through the wringer. If and when they all come together, there should be some interesting permutations in play.

(And in case you missed our latest round of "False, True or Hell, No, We Won't Tell You," Damon also says there is most definitely romantic tension between Juliet and Sawyer. We also learn Daniel's mother is someone we may already know.)

How do you feel about the quadrangle? And tonight's episode? Vote and comment below...

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