Watch out, Partridges, the Pearsons are coming for the title of TV's most musically inclined family.

In addition to making fans cry each week, This Is Us has also managed to make fans swoon, thanks to the vocal prowess of leading ladies Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz. And it turns out, they aren't the NBC hit's only stars who can carry a tune, as Chrissy and Chris Sullivan (aka the duo behind one of our favorite new TV couples, Kate and Toby) teased the possibility of the cast starting a band. 

Chrissy assigned Mandy the role of lead singer, Chris told E! News, "I can sing and play guitar, and I have a little ukulele that we could play. That would be cute!"

This Is Us, Mandy Moore


While fans heard Randall's less-than-great singing in a recent episode, it turns out Sterling K. Brown "can carry a tune," according to Chrissy, who then put Justin Hartley on tambourine duty. "He says he cannot sing a lick." (Hey, he's still pretty!)

As for Pearson family patriarch, Milo Ventimiglia? "I feel like Milo has to play the drums," Chris said, before Chrissy, on behalf of all of us, quickly added, "Shirtless!"

And Chris and Chrissy also discussed what a potential theme song for This Is Us would sound like, which you can hear them talk about in the video above. 

Aside from dreams of a cast band, Chris and Chrissy also talked about the show's ability to make us all full-on ugly cry with its surprising twists, including the big reveal that Jack (Ventimiglia) is dead in the present-day storyline. Or is he?!

"I heard he faked his own death, that's what I heard," Chris joked. "You hear it hear first: Jack is alive...if only in our hearts." 

Too soon, Chris. Too soon. 

To hear more about This Is Us' secrets, including how they first reacted when they saw Mandy Moore in her old-age make up, watch the rest of our interview with Chris and Chrissy above. 

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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