Sarah Hyland & Nathan Fillion Have an Awkward Thanksgiving Date in Modern Family Sneak Peek

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By Jean Bentley Nov 15, 2016 9:45 PMTags

Bringing your boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner for the very first time is already a difficult situation—how will he interact with your family? Will your drunk aunt/uncle say something so embarrassingly inappropriate that you'll never be able to recover? Will your parents like him?

Multiply that by a LOT when it's your much-older boyfriend who also happens to be your father's idol—like when Modern Family's Hayley (Sarah Hyland) brings her new boyfriend, Rayner Shine (Nathan Fillion), home for the holiday and her dad, Phil (Ty Burrell) isn't too happy about it.

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Sure, he sounds happy—Phil Dunphy sounds happy all the time, to be honest—but you can tell that he's not thrilled about his daughter's new relationship (even if it is with the local weatherman he's idolized for so long).

When we last saw Phil and Rayner interact, they seemed to be on good terms. But their Thanksgiving visit proves that Phil might not have moved on after all, so imagine how upset Phil is going to be when Hayley tells him the rest of their plans for the long weekend—a quick trip to Cabo to soak up some Mexico sun rather than take part in the rest of the Dunphy/Pritchett Thanksgiving traditions (a.k.a. a family football game).

Watch the video above to see the awkward interaction, then tune in to Modern Family's season eight Thanksgiving episode, "Thanksgiving Jamboree," to find out how Phil takes the bad news. Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.