Mindy Kaling Gets Real in a White Tee: "I Have So Many Bad Habits"

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By Raleigh Burgan Nov 15, 2016 2:00 PMTags
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"My full name is Vera Mindy Kaling, or V. Mindy Kaling if I ever become a Federal judge."

Today, Mindy Kaling joins the ranks of Nicole Richie, Dianna Agron and Olivia Wilde as a member of La Ligne's "La Bande," where each celeb picks a favorite piece from the brand, styles it on themselves then is shot by the retailer. Each tastemaker's photo shoot is accompanied by an adorable Q&A, filled out by the star, and (especially in Mindy's case) juicy, hilarious information is divulged.

Though her choice of white tee is pretty basic (classic and timeless, too!), her answers were not. Keep reading for our favorite answers.

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On where she can be spotted...
You can see me on my show, The Mindy Project. You can also see me at the McDonald's on Sunset & Crescent Heights a few times a week.

On what she does when she's not working...
I have no skills I have not already monetized.

On the words she lives by...
"Never complain, never explain."

La Ligne

On how to achieve happiness...
Happiness is walking home tipsy from the East Village in the late fall, full from a heavy dinner I ate with friends.

Things you wouldn't know about her...
I have so many bad habits. I really do love a drink after work. I grind my teeth. I'm a little elitist. I talk during movies I don't understand. I get crushes on married men. Okay—that's enough.

Her Tee of Choice: La Ligne Blue Signature Stripe Tee, $95