When Pitch Perfect became the second highest-earning musical comedy of all time, no one was more surprised than Anna Kendrick

The Scrappy Little Nobody author appeared on NBC News' Sunday Today this morning, where she opened up to Willie Geist about her rise from Broadway child actress to full blown movie star. Kendrick had tasted superstardom during the 2010 award season when she earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nod for Up in the Air, but it wasn't until Pitch Perfect hit theaters two years later that she realized her status in Hollywood. 

"No, not at all," Anna answered when asked if she expected the flick's success. "When I read the script I was so expecting it to be something I'd seen before. I was just hoping a couple nerds would really like it."

Hailee Steinfeld, Cast, Pitch Perfect 2

Universal Studios

$115 million in the bank, an even more successful sequel and an upcoming third installment later, suffice to say more than just a couple nerds fell in love with Anna and The Bellas. 

The 31-year-old also experienced major success in the music scene with her song from the film, "Cups (When I'm Gone)." It peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard charts, surpassing other artists left and right.

"It's so weird. I was just like, 'How is this just happening?'" Kendrick recalled, continuing, "The other people on the charts were Miley Cyrus and Macklemore and they're out promoting and they must be like, ‘What is this bulls--t?'" 

Anna added, "I think it was a real testament to the nerdery that exists in the world."

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