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Will there ever be luck for Bluck?!

We're talking, of course, about TV's hottest (and naughtiest) cat-and-mouse pair: Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) on Gossip Girl.

All season long, fans have been dying to see them become a real couple. And now, sources are spilling some exclusive deets on where they're heading...but you might not like the answer.

Plus, if you want to know what's next on Lost, Bones, Ugly Betty, House or One Tree Hill, or whether Donna (Tori Spelling) will be with David (Brian Austin Green) on 90210, read on for the exclusive scoop!

Grace: Who is the father of Violet's baby on Private Practice? Please say it's Pete!

Kate Walsh, Amy Brenneman, Private Practice


I personally suspect it's Sheldon. You? As for Vi's personal life, Amy Brenneman admits that her character has made quite a turn. She tells me, "I said to Shonda [Rhimes], Violet used to be this closed little shell and now she's opening all over the place. Cooper comes back into her life in a beautiful way, so he's like the surrogate everything to her. It's pretty great." Um, single tear! So sweet. As much as I love Cooper-Charlotte, I've really missed Violet and Cooper's friendship. Don't you love how out-of-wedlock pregnancies with two possible daddies really bring people together?

Aaron in San Francisco: What's the latest on T.R. Knight leaving Grey's Anatomy?
I'm told by a show insider that the end of the season and next season have not yet been decided. When asked if he thinks Knight will be back for season six, ABC prez Steve McPherson says, "At this point, yeah, I have no reason not to." As for what's going on behind the scenes, he says, "I just wish everyone would do their jobs and do the show."

Dyan in Cambria Heights, N.Y.: Hey Kristin, have you heard if Barney and Robin get it on?
I'll ask! I'm meeting with the cast and executive producers tomorrow night, so send your fan Q's to tvdiva@eonline.com, and I'll do my best to get you some answers.

Blake Lively, John Patrick Amedori

Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

Georgia in North Dakota: I love Toni Collette's new show, United States of Tara! What can you dish? I'll take that or Gossip Girl.
I'll give you both. At the premiere party for the show, Brie Larson (Tara's daughter) showed up with a familiar Gossip Girl face. Her real-life boyfriend is none other than Serena van der Woodsen's ex-flame Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori). Kooky, right? When asked if she's jealous that John was making out with Blake Lively, Brie tells me: "You know, I don't care. I think she kind of looks like me, so I don't really take offense to it. I just envision that it's myself...Whatever! He's still my boyfriend!"

Maya in Milford, Del.: Any truth to the rumor that Ethan Hawke or Campbell Scott are being cast as Wilson's homeless brother on House?
None whatsoever. I caught up with House executive producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore, and they firmly debunked both those casting rumors. Katie says, "Wilson does have this brother, and David has just written a beautiful episode where that comes into play again." Any thoughts on who the brother should be? I vote for Kyle Bornheimer. Worst Week's season finale is coming up, and there's a resemblance, right?

Brendan in Pasadena, Calif.: Greg Grunberg has appeared in most of his friend J.J.'s shows...do we see him in the new Star Trek movie as well?
J.J. Abrams
himself just told me: "I will say that Greg Grunberg has something to do with this movie, but you have to find him." Consider that a challenge, Trek fans.

Melissa in Boise, Idaho: Have you heard anything about Sons of Anarchy lately? I miss SAMCRO when they're gone.
Good news! Sons of Anarchy show runner Kurt Sutter posted on his blog that they've gone back into the writer's room for season two. Production begins in late April, and SAMCRO should be back on the air in September, give or take a month.

Charlie in San Francisco: I know it's really early, but have you heard anything about Dexter season four?
Only that castmembers Kristin Dattilo (Angel's vice-squad girlfriend Det. Gianna) and Desmond Harrington (Det. Quinn, better known to you Gossip Girl fans as Jack Bass) would love to come back for another go. And I can personally testify that Kristin and David Zayas' chemistry is as good in real life as it is on the show. When I asked Kristin at the SAG Awards if she'd be back, David cut in to answer with an emphatic, no-disagreement-brooked Yes, and then Kristin giggled and told me, "David's the best, and all season he took amazing, amazing care of me." So cute!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Randall in Miami: What's the latest on Gossip Girl?
A former big-time couple that some of you (though, admittedly, very few of you) love will be getting back together...and who it is certainly surprised the pants off of me! Also, Nate's grandfather makes him an offer that's too good to pass up, which leads to Vanessa feeling out of place, and the dynamic of that relationship shifting. Basically the whole rest of the season is relationship roulette.

Wanda2Saints: Who is the GG couple getting back together?
Not Jenny and Nate, despite the purposely misleading photo at right. (Shhhhh!) And yes, right now you Chuck and Blair fans should be weeping, 'cause this old couple reconnecting totally means that Bluck or Chair (or whatever your name of choice) will not become a real couple any time soon this season.

Margaret in Tallahassee: What's next for Rufus and Lily?
Rufus and Lily continue to play house, which continues to sicken the kids...and continues to seriously trigger my morning sickness. This baby is not a Rufus and Lily fan.

Marshall in Texas: What's the latest on Ugly Betty?
Even though the show is taking a break from ABC's Thursday night schedule, Dexter's Lauren Vélez (Laguerta) still guest stars in a four-episode arc beginning Feb. 5. She plays Ignacio's nurse (remember he recently suffered a heart attack), and things get a little hot and steamy! Yes, Ignacio is getting some hot-nurse lovin'! Vélez tells me Ignacio will survive, and Betty will have to deal with his new relationship.

Tori Spelling


Any word on Tori's comeback to 90210?
I'm hearing Donna (Tori Spelling) comes back to Bev Hills and reveals she's having problems with David (paging Brian Austin Green!). Seriously, have any of these women been lucky in love?! I feel for the old school 90210-ers! The upside, though, is their careers all appear to be going well (and global). Word is, Donna is thinking about opening a clothing store in Los Angeles, and she's already a huge success in Japan.

Andy in San Diego: All I care about is Lost, Lost and more Lost. Please!
Just a word of advice for anyone on, off or around the Island: Don't mess with Charles Widmore, young or old. Young? Yeah, we'll see a young version of him this Wednesday. (Sidenote: You also shouldn't mess with the actor who plays Charles Widmore if you're a member of the Flight of the Conchords...Alan Dale pops by this Sunday to HBO for one of the funniest eps ever of this very funny series.) Also, remember how Richard Alpert showed up when Locke was born and a few other times as well? We'll finally find out why he was there. Oh, and Daniel Faraday is not who he seems. He's done some bad things with some bad people before he got to the Island.

Preston in St. Louis: Fugitives is almost here! Anything good coming up on Heroes?
Looks like everyone's memories are safe—at least for the time being. Jimmy-Jean Louis tells me not to expect a whole lot of screen time from our favorite Haitian in Fugitives. "I don't know too much about it, to be honest with you, because I've not been doing too much in this volume." I'm also hearing that it's very likely that at least one Hero will not be coming back for the next season. It's being sorted out right now who from the cast will go.

Lily in Tennessee: Please, more House scoopage! About anyone but Foreteen!
How about the other two new kids then? Kal Penn (who just got back from Obama's inauguration) tells me, "[Kutner] does have an arc this season—you'll see him more at home, with the giant bowl of cereal, for example, and we'll see how the thing with his parents affects him." And Peter Jacobson tells me, "There's trouble in paradise with Taub's marriage. Nothing too drastic at the moment, but there's difficulties looming."

Frank in Odessa: Anything on 24?
I'm hearing Jon Voight is bankrolling everything, and he is "the best villain ever" according to a source who's seen what's ahead. His scenes with Kiefer? "Spine-tingly," says the source. Word.

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

NBC/ Bill Records

Caro in Hamburg, Germany: The last wonderful episode of the amazing Friday Night Lights on DirecTV felt a whole lot like a goodbye. It was the season finale, wasn't it? Any news on the show's future?
It was the season finale, yes, but it was also the setup to a killer season four, if you ask me. I cannot wait to see what Coach Taylor does with the ragtag East Dillon Giraffes! As for a new season, FNL boss Peter Berg tells us he's very optimistic: "I always predict another season for Friday Night Lights, because they keep saying that we're going to be killed and we never are. So we continue. We continue to fight on." Clear eyes, full hearts, you know the rest...

Emily in Rapid City, S.D.: Have you heard any details on the new Dylan on 90210?
Yes, Matt Lanter soon joins the cast as the new Dylan McKay, and AnnaLynne McCord tells me she'll be the first to get in on that action: "He is the bad boy and Naomi starts to love herself some bad boy...[He] just throws her so off her Naomi world and off its axis, that it kind of intrigues her, so she feels challenged. He gets her into trouble." And it looks like Shenae Grimes may also get into the mix.. "I feel like there's going to be a triangle somewhere there," she tells me, "and I wouldn't complain if I was a part of said triangle."

Katrina in Auburn, N.Y.: Kristin, please tell me Josh Henderson will be back on 90210!
The maybe-he-is, maybe-he-isn't long-lost Wilson kid might not be finished with Beverly Hills just yet! Josh tells me the fate of Sean Cavanaugh has yet to be determined. " I don't think he's done by any means. There are still things up in the air where I might be the son. It's worth watching, I'll just say that. My guy's still bouncing back and forth."

Melanie in Manhattan, N.Y.: Hey, you said in your show that Cam from Bones gets a child. Is that true? Do you have any more details?
Tamara Taylor
wouldn't say if it was a boy or a girl, but did tell me the child would be in "the awkward years." Also, since Emily Deschanel told me Booth and Bones would be in bed together, I had to dig a little deeper. Turns out, it could be a trick! Taylor says, "They've been toying around with interesting ideas about alternate realities, where perhaps they're married, where we're all in interesting, different roles. So we may get to see it, but it may not be real."

Chuck, Yvonne Strahovski, Zachary Levi

NBC/Carin Baer

Cecily in Portland, Ore.: Since Sarah killed a man in front of Chuck, will the pair be OK when the show returns?
chief Josh Schwartz tells me Chuck still doesn't know Sarah was actually saving his life, adding, "That's a dynamic that obviously is going to be complicated."

Morgangirl in Rhode Island: Chuck scoop!
Josh Schwartz
tells me, "There's a very sexy MI6 agent, played by Jonathan Cake, who comes in to help on a mission for a couple of episodes. He's a real sort of badass Gerard Butler-type who definitely catches Sarah's eye. There are a couple things that are going to happen toward the end of this season that are sort of a point of no return for Sarah and Chuck. It could be a point of no return in a good way or point of no return in a bad way...you'll have to stay tuned."

Erica in Manila, the Philippines: Please provide more scoop on Fringe. I love it, especially Peter and Olivia's chemistry. Are they ever getting together?"
According to creator Bob Orci, "Sooner or later the story of John Scott will play itself out, and maybe we get to a place where [Peter and Olivia] finally notice each other in a new way." Scotty, you're hot, but take a hike!

Lauren in St. Paul, Minn.: Love Big Love this season. Margene is back on her game, and it makes me so happy. Do you have any scoop?
According to Ginnifer Goodwin herself, "Margene is on a self-discovery mission this year. She's trying on all kinds of identities and discovering she's incapable of handling trauma, which is always very exciting. I'm not going to tell you what the trauma is. And I have to say that Margene's powers of manipulation have perfected a bit, having Nikki as a role model."

Gregory in Eugene, Ore: Anything you can share on One Tree Hill?
Looks like Lucas' movie is going to get shut down.

Brenda in Augusta, Maine: Any news about season two of True Blood? Do you know what Michelle Forbes' deal is? I love everything she does and that mystery intrigues me.
I talked to Michelle at a Paley Center event honoring DirecTV's relaunch of Wonderland, and she told me that on True Blood, "I am a maenad, which is a supernatural wood-nymph creature. There are a lot of strange creatures in crazy old Bon Temps."

Camille in Chicago: Is there anything you can share about Nip/Tuck?
Matt's starting medical school, but it doesn't go so well. According to John Hensley, when it ends, "the way Matt exits his studies in medicine will be done with a bit of flair, for sure." On this kind of show, I fear the flair. You?

Anne in Dublin, Ireland: Kristin, I just finished watching Reaper season one on my computer, and it's wonderful. Do you have any news about season two?
Yes! CW prez Dawn Ostroff shares these tidbits: "The devil meets his match [when Sock] winds up having a stepsister who gives him lots of fodder. A lot of the show this year is based on the relationships the guys have with women, and I think that's going to make it feel a little more organic to what else we're doing on the air."

Neila in San Francisco: Any scoop on Without a Trace?
For all of you Jack and Sam—Jam, part two?—fans, Anthony LaPaglia recently told me that things are not going to be easy for the fan-favorite duo. "It looks like it's going in one direction; it ends up going another direction,and then goes in another direction. There's going to be a problem with the father of her baby."

Stacy in Las Vegas: I haven't heard anything about Greek in a long time. What's the deal?
Well, first off, Rusty is going to meet a new girl named Jordan that he falls head over heels for (literally, he falls down some stairs), but Andy (Jesse McCartney) is going to get to her first. Bummer! Also, Greek is going gay. Both Rebecca and Ashleigh dabble in kissing girls this season, and they'll like it. One of the girls even hits up another ZBZ sister.

Espy in Staten Island, N.Y.: Thanks for all the Supernatural scoop, but what about Castiel (Misha Collins)? Is he ever coming back?
I'm told we'll next see Castiel in March-ish. In other news, Lilith hijacks the body of a dental hygienist and returns to wreak havoc on the Winchesters in ep 18. Last but not least, you have to watch this sneak peek for Thursday's SPN, which flashes back to Sam and Dean in high school. That's a positively uncanny Jensen Ackles-as-Dean impression, if you ask me!

Tom Welling, Smallville

Michael Courtney/The CW

Martin in New Orleans: Anything on Smallville?
Tess knows all about Clark's secret.

Kitty in Washington, D.C.: Love, love, loved the Burn Notice premiere. Do you know if Carla and Fiona are ever really going to meet and throwdown, à la Fiona and Stacy Haiduk's character in the premiere?
Yes! According to Gabrielle Anwar (Fi), "[Carla and Fiona] have a swift interaction. It was rather intense, and it was a tremendous amount of fun to shoot." And why is that? "Because Carla had it comin' to her. She really did." As for Michael and Fi, according to Gabrielle, we can expect more "neurosis, violence and a quest for continued passion. You know, like everybody else's relationships. Nothing too extraordinary." Sigh. Love 'em.

Howard in Omaha, Neb.: United States of Tara is the best new show by far! I've already seen the first three episodes, and I'm in love!
Since Tara has been working on that mural for her sister's friend Tiffany, she's becoming good friends with her, up until the point where Tiffany forces an appearance by one of Tara's alters. Let's just say that's not a good idea, and the mural suffers the consequences.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Natalie Abrams, Megan Masters and Dahvi Shira

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