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Discontinued Foods

Nothing says nostalgia like the food we used to eat as a kid.

Sure, discontinued television shows and those old, cartoon movies, certain fashion trends and hairstyles (hideous or not) will certainly spark a pang of sadness when we think about what used to be cool...but nothing really hits us as hard as all the food we used to snack on that's magically gone extinct.

Remember those Squeezits we'd get after AYSO soccer games? Or how about those 3D Doritos that were the hippest chip on middle school campus? And let us never forget that before Mountain Dew was a thing, Surge was the all the rage. 

Check out all the discontinued foods we wish we had back in our lives below:

Pizzarias, Discontinued Foods

Pizzarias Chips: Keebler broke our hearts when they discontinued all three flavors of their pizza-like chips.

Squeezit, Discontinued Foods

Squeezits: While still so vivid in our memory, twisting the top and squirting the sugary juice into our mouths while laying in the grass after a soccer game, Squeezits were discontinued in 2001.

Surge, Discontinued Foods

Surge: One of our favorite '90s sodas, Surge has been absent from our tummies since '03.

Oreo O's, Discontinued Foods

Oreo O's: We haven't been able to enjoy Oreos for breakfast since 2007.

Crystal Pepsi, Discontinued Foods

Crystal Pepsi: Dubbed the "clear cola," this strange soda went missing in 1993, never to be seen again.

Shark Bites, Discontinued Foods

Shark Bites: Filled with lots of "vitamins," these Hawaiian-flavored gummies were a thing before Shark Week was ever even a thought!

Doritos, Discontinued Foods

3D Doritos: It appears Doritos felt obligated to stay flat starting in 2005, when 3D Doritos disappeared from the market.

Koala Yummies, Discontinued Foods

Koala Yummies: While you can get a similar snack at some Asian stores, nothing will ever quite be the same as the puffed, marsupial-themed cookie that was filled with chocolate.

Wonder Balls, Discontinued Foods

Wonder Balls: Likely due to the fact that kids kept choking on the surprise candies stored inside the chocolate balls, these were taken off the market in 1996. 

Sour Altoids, Discontinued Foods

Sour Altoids: While our tongues are likely pleased that these things won't be ripping them apart any longer, we're still a little sad. They were taken off the market in 2008.

Cheese Balls, Discontinued Foods

Planter's Cheese Balls: Perhaps Cheetos' cheese balls became more popular, but this snacks went extinct in 2006.

String Thing, Discontinued Foods

Fruit String Thing: Remember pealing these off the little wrapper and playing with them at lunch in elementary school. Well, kids these days are missing out as they were discontinued in the mid-2000s.

Nesquick Cereal, Discontinued Foods

Nesquik Cereal: We said goodbye to the perfect, chocolate milk-making cereal in 2012.

Fruitopia, Discontinued Foods

Fruitopia: While other countries still sell the juice, Fruitopia took a hiatus from the U.S. in 2003.

Bubble Jug, Discontinued Foods

Bubble Jug: We used to be able to pour tons of powder into our mouths that magically turned into gum, but unfortunately, that's no longer the case.

Heinze EZ Squirt Purple Ketcup, Discontinued Foods

EZ Squirt Ketchup: Remember when you could color your fries with different hues of squirtable ketchup? Well, that ended in 2006.

Fruit Shaped Trix, Discontinued Foods

Trix Actually Shaped Like Fruit: In 2006, the fruity, sugary bites were transformed into all spherical shapes.

DunkAroos, Discontinued Foods

Dunkaroos: Similar to Koala Yummies, Dunkaroos took an adorable animal and made it edible. You'd dip the kangaroo cookie into vanilla frosting and life was good! Unfortunately, they no longer sell them in the States (though you can get them in Canada).

Snapple Elements, Discontinued Foods

Snapple Elements: The glass bottled beverages with names like Velocity, Rain and Spark may have gone extinct years, but at least they still have a Facebook page!

Orbitz, Discontinued Foods

Orbitz Drinks: Remember when all of our rooms had at least one lava lamp? Well, Orbitz drinks tried to go along with that theme by giving us soda with floating objects flying around in them. Pretty obvious why those are extinct.

French Toast Crunch, Discontinued Foods

French Toast Crunch: This gets honorable mention because it was actually taken off the market in 2006, only to return again in 2014...thank goodness!

Chicken Fries, Discontinued Foods

Chicken Fries: Another honorable mention, Burger King's chicken fries were discontinued in 2012, but fortunately for all you lovers of odd-shaped chicken, they made their way back!

Which foods do you wish would come back? Sound off in the comments below!

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