Did Travis Kelce & Veronica Have Sex?! The Girls Wonder if They Got ''Naked'' During VIP Date in Catching Kelce Bonus Clip

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By Brett Malec Nov 10, 2016 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Has Veronica Been the Most Physical With Travis Kelce?

Did Travis Kelce and Veronica actually have sex during their intimate night alone together?! That's what the other Catching Kelce contestants want to know.

In this bonus footage from set, the girls wonder what exactly went down between Travis and Veronica as Veronica comes clean to her mom about her intimate relations with the football star.

"Did they get naked? Did they have sexual relations?" Avery wonders. "Did they just kiss? Did they cuddle? Did they spoon? What did they talk about?"

When producers tell Veronica's mom Bernadette about their PDA, Bernadette says, "I could see it. She gets that from me." OMG!

Watch the hilarious bonus clip for yourself to see more behind the scenes footage about Travis and Veronica's night together.