Let's get this out of the way first: Scrotal Recall is an absolutely TERRIBLE name for a TV show, so we do not blame you whatsoever for either completely ignoring its arrival on Netflix last year or actively ignoring others' suggestions to watch it.

But there's some very, very good news for fans of adorable romantic comedies from England: the show is back for season two with a brand new name, and it's already available on Netflix!

You have no excuse not to watch this delightful series now that it's called Lovesick, a.k.a. a name you're not actively embarrassed to utter out loud, let alone recommend to other people.

Lovesick, Scrotal Recall


The show follows the charming yet sorta-dorky Dylan (Johnny Flynn), a romantically troubled Brit who's forced to reconnect with his exes when he's diagnosed with an STI (hence the ridiculous but admittedly witty original title). Each episode flashes back to his relationship with a different woman, but the constants are Dylan's two best friends—the beautiful and sarcastic Evie (Antonia Thomas), with whom he is clearly meant to be, and the shallow and id-centric Luke (Daniel Ings), who still manages to be completely lovable.

See, that doesn't sound awful, does it?

Scrotal Recall certainly ranks well above Cougar Town on the list of terrible TV show titles that in no way portray the actual content of said program, so the fact that we're actually getting more of it (and a non-gross name) is a true blessing.

There are only six episodes of the charmingly British show in season one, so you're not even that far behind, either. All eight season two episodes debuted on Netflix today.

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