Jessica Chastain is one of Hollywood's most outspoken political activists.

Just take a look at her Twitter and you'll see her weighing on the presidential election, gender equality and more. One of her most recent posts didn't mince words.

"Im so tired of creepy guys in politics," the Oscar-nominee wrote. "Dont send dick pics around. Dont grab women by their genitals. Be a decent human."

Despite her political passions and commitments, Chastain says she has no desire to throw her hat into the ring of elected office.

"I actually think that someone should have years and years and history of public service in order to run for president," Chastain told me while promoting her new political thriller Miss Sloane.

How about something a bit more local?

Miss Sloane, Jessica Chastain

Kerry Hayes/EuropaCorp – France 2 Cinema

"I went to acting school, c'mon," she said, adding, "I'm super passionate but I don't think actors or reality television stars should ever run for office."

She is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton. "[In] the first presidential debate the big criticism is that she was over-prepared," Chastain said. "I've never heard that about a man in any job ever so yeah I think this movie is coming at the perfect time because we need to re-evaluate the way we see women in our society and it's wonderful to be over-prepared. And we should step forward."

Chastian stars in Miss Sloane as Elizabeth Sloane, a powerhouse Republican lobbyist who goes to work for a firm lobbying for stricter gun control laws.

A photo of George W. Bush sits on a shelf in Elizabeth Sloane's office as does a pic of her younger self with Ronald Reagan.

The photos were Chastain's idea.

"She's working at a conservative firm and she's working on very conservative issues at the beginning of the movie," Chastain explains. "She leaves to go work on a bi-partisan gun bill, but she does think some of the people she's working with are crazy. There's a line she says in the film, ‘You liberal goody-goodies would be nothing without me, you need me.'"

Miss Sloane is in theaters on Nov. 25.

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