Catching Kelce Recap: Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker Give Relationship Advice Before Travis Spends the Night With Veronica

Find out everything that went down in Wednesday's episode!

By Gabi Duncan Nov 10, 2016 3:00 AMTags
Catching Kelce 106E!

Travis Kelce is getting closer and closer to that end zone!

It was down to six ladies on Wednesday's all-new episode of Catching Kelce, and that meant the pressure was building for the NFL star to find his perfect woman. "I have six unbelievable girls left in the house," Travis explained. "Each week gets harder and harder for me as I get to know these girls more and more."

The week's activities began with Travis asking the ladies to help him create a piece of artwork to auction at his charity event. However, the end result didn't exactly turn out how he imagined.

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The project eventually became a big free-for-all with Travis and his contestants rolling, shaking and shimmying their bodies over the canvas. But Maya took the prize for most memorable moment when she attempted to slide in the paint—and landed directly on her tummy! "It was literally like she just jumped on some duct tape," Travis joked. "Just a big, belly flop!"


Veronica was Travis' choice for the group date, so she decided Lexi, Lauren and Maya should join them…at Jessie James Decker's concert! After dancing their butts off at the show, Travis took the ladies out to The Belmont bar for a nightcap. But the evening's surprises continued when Jessie and her hubby, Eric Decker, stopped by to hang out. "Getting to talk to Jessie James, I literally couldn't say any words!" Lexi gushed. "I was just so starstruck!"


Jessie then suggested Travis and Eric get lost so she could have some girl time with the four contestants. She explained the life of a football wife and how she makes it work with their kids and her career. "It's not as glamorous as people think it is," Jessie said. "There's a lot that goes into being that woman for them." Next, Jessie asked if any of them would sleep with Travis that night if he wanted to. Everyone immediately answered no—except for Lexi!

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Jessie and Eric eventually switched it up. Jessie went over to grill Travis about his feelings for the contestants, while Eric chatted with the women. "Do you feel like these women are wife material?" she asked him. Travis admitted he could see Lauren filling that role at the moment, but it was still too soon to tell because the others had a lot to offer as well.


After the Deckers left to get back home to their babies, Travis had to choose one girl for the VIP date. The other ladies were shocked when he picked Veronica again and invited her over to his house for the evening. But that shock turned to anger and jealousy the next morning when everyone realized she hadn't come back to the mansion!


When Veronica finally returned, the girls were annoyed that she wouldn't spill any details about her romantic night. "Veronica doesn't have any makeup on, and she's obviously in the same clothes that she wore last night, and she has this look on her face," Maya said. "I know that she did something."

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Later on, Travis brought CeeCee, Lauren, Lexi and Maya to elimination. Even though it killed him, he decided to send CeeCee and Lexi home because he didn't feel their connections had evolved enough. "The most disappointing thing about Travis sending me home is that I don't think he gave me a chance," Lexi said. "I feel like his heart was more open to other girls, and it was very closed off for me."

But with only four left, Travis had more difficult decisions ahead of him. "Letting go of those two awesome girls, it hurts," he said. "At this point, I have four incredible girls, the final four, and my job just got a whole lot tougher."