Travis Kelce's Brother Jason Makes Fun of Lexi's Makeup and Veronica's New Jersey Accent in Hilarious Catching Kelce Clip

Find out what the Philadelphia Eagles center thinks of his bro's contestants!

By Gabi Duncan Nov 09, 2016 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Travis' Friends Poke Fun at "Catching Kelce" Ladies

When the girls are away, the boys will gossip!

Travis Kelce meets up with his brother, Jason Kelce, and manager, Aaron Eanes, to chat about the ladies in this sneak peek from tonight's episode of Catching Kelce. And, they definitely aren't shy about sharing their honest opinions!

"Why are you keeping Lexi around though?" Jason wonders. "I just don't see it."

"She's absolutely hysterical," Travis replies. "The only bad thing you can say about her is that she wears too much makeup."

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"It sounds like you're falling in love with a clown," Jason tells him. "Somebody that throws a bunch of makeup on and just makes you laugh constantly." LOL!

"Lexi actually is growing on me," Travis explains. "She's pretty, she's funny and she's going to make everyone around her laugh."

Find out what the guys have to say about New Jersey contestant Veronica in the clip above!