Travis Kelce and His Catching Kelce Contestants Have an Epic Paint Fight That Ruins Poor Lexi's Fake Lashes: ''I Can't See!''

NFL star gets down and dirty with his love interests in this sneak peek

By Gabi Duncan Nov 08, 2016 4:00 PMTags
Watch: "Catching Kelce" Ladies Get Down and Dirty in Paint Fight


Travis Kelce and the six remaining Catching Kelce contestants aren't afraid to get messy in this sneak peek from Wednesday's upcoming new episode!

The NFL star asks the ladies to help him create a beautiful masterpiece to sell at a charity event, however, the end result isn't anything like what he imagined.

"I try my hardest to make an actual piece of art instead of a clusterf--k, but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to," Travis says. "So, literally, I just had to improv from that point on."

Travis Kelce and Lexi Transform Into Graceful Ballerinas

That improvisation includes Travis and his love interests getting covered in paint while shimmying and shaking their bodies all over the canvas. But Maya takes the cake when she attempts to slide through the paint—and hilariously lands directly on her tummy!

"It was literally like she just jumped onto some duct tape," Travis explains through his laughter. "Just a big, belly flop!"

But the fun doesn't stop there...

CeeCee then takes a bottle of yellow paint and starts squirting it all over Travis and the other girls. Sadly, Lexi's eyelashes end up becoming the biggest casualty in her rampage.

"I go a little crazy with the yellow paint, and it gets right on Lexi's pride and joys," CeeCee says.

"My lashes are ruined!" Lexi exclaims. "Does that girl not know that I take 30 minutes to my eye shadow?! Like, really?!"