Conrad Murray Believes Michael Jackson's Kids Have Been "Brainwashed"

King of Pop's former doctor opens up about tell-all book

By Francesca Bacardi Nov 07, 2016 7:07 PMTags
Conrad Murray, Paris JacksonKevork Djansezian/Getty Images; Instagram

Dr. Conrad Murray doesn't take much stock into Paris Jackson's criticism of his tell-all book This Is It!: The Secret lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.

When Murray published the book in July, Paris immediately took to Twitter to slam her late father's doctor, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in connection to Michael Jackson's 2009 death. "The fact that people are actually listening to and believing a cold blooded murderer is honestly beyond me," she posted.

Murray, however, told Page Six that Paris' hostile reaction is a result of her underdeveloped brain and brainwashing from Jackson's family.

Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial

"[Paris] is a child. She's a young adult," Murray told the publication. "She's been tainted. They've trained her to be dishonest. I'm not responsible for that."

The doctor not only maintains his innocence in This Is It! but he also details his time with the "Thriller" crooner. He also claims to Page Six that Paris' young age—she's 18—plays a large role in her susceptibility. "You can be 18, but if you're tainted with the wrong thoughts, sometimes it depends on how strong one's mind is," Murray added. "She may be a different person when she passes 25 and she really is mature and her frontal lobes and faculties are truly developed with her own judgment, and she clearly may have a different impression."

The King of Pop's former doctor was released from jail on Oct. 28, 2013, two years after receiving his conviction for administering a lethal dose of the anesthetic drug propofol to the late singer. After a six-week trial, Murray was sentenced to spend four years in jail in November 2011 but was released two years early because he was given an additional day of credit for each day he served.

Murray's license to practice medicine was revoked in Texas and suspended in California and Nevada.