Meow! The Girls Question Avery's "Intentions'' With Travis in Catching Kelce Bonus Clip: Watch Now

Maya, Veronica and Lauren think Avery's here for the wrong reasons

By Brett Malec Nov 11, 2016 3:00 PMTags
Watch: "Catching Kelce" Ladies Dish on Avery Schlereth's Past

The girls are getting a little catty on Catching Kelce.

In this bonus footage from the set, Lauren, Veronica and Maya, along with their moms, throw a little shade on Avery and even question her motives for being on the E! dating show.

"Avery's dad was in the NFL and they had a TV show. So I think her mom and her and all of them were on a reality show," Lauren tells her mom Ronda.

Veronica also has an issue with Avery's reality TV past but Avery insists she's "totally out of my element."

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"I don't know what her original intentions for coming here were," Lauren adds. 

"I really enjoy Avery, which shocks me, but her mom I feel like has other intentions," Veronica says.

"Her mom wants this for her.," Veronica's mom Bernadette continues. "Her mom wants this lifestyle for her." Meow!

Watch the bonus clip to see the girls get catty over Avery's intentions!