Saturday Night Live, SNL, Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon

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Election Day is almost upon us—can you believe it?

We've watched on as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigned their way across the nation, each asking voters to elect them to be the next President of the United States. As the news cycle continues to narrow in on this historic race for the White House, Saturday Night Live is continuing tradition and doing what they do best: Spoofing politics and the parties involved—live from New York, of course. 

Kate McKinnon's Clinton and Alec Baldwins Trump have satirically duked it out in sketch after sketch. Most recently, the comical duo broke character during SNL's cold open.

"I'm sorry, Kate," said Baldwin. "I just hate yelling all this stuff at you like this."

"Yeah, I know, right?" replied McKinnon. "This whole election has been so mean."

Baldwin (in costume as Trump) said he just "feel(s) gross all the time," and McKinnon (as Clinton), had a suggestion: "Let's get out of here."

Cue the make-nice montage! In this SNL skit, the presidential hopefuls put aside their differences and embark together on a fun, hand-holding journey through NYC! 

But let's be real—it doesn't seem all that likely that Clinton, Trump and their respective supporters will all be quite as happy-go-lucky as McKinnon and Baldwin when Tuesday's results come in. SNL hasn't forgotten this, or the fact that there are some folks who won't be happy with any election outcome.

Looking at you, Church Lady.

Dana Carvey reprised his famous character during Weekend Update, and Church Lady is not happy with her options. As she put it,  voters have the choice between a "bitter female android from the 90's" or a "riverboat gambler with a big tummy and an orange head."

Tom Hanks' SNL opening monologue took a more dad-like approach to easing voters' worries about the election. Rather than sounding off on which candidate to vote for, Hanks decided to give all of America a pep talk!

"I'm gonna get out of your hair," he said to camera. "You've got a big decision in the next couple of weeks, but I know you're gonna make the right choice as long as you think from here [points to head], and here [points to heart] and not so much down there [points down there]. But no matter what happens, I'm proud of you."

In another sketch, Hankd took on the role of Fox News' Chris Wallace to moderate a debate between Clinton and Trump. McKinnon and Baldwin both transformed into extreme caricatures of their characters for this one.

The second presidential debate provided some fodder for SNL writers, too.

And the first debate got quite a parody treatment.

The candidates' picks for Vice President were subject to SNL spoofing. 

And their families found themselves a part of the fun, too.

Even members of the SNL family, former cast Weekend Update co-hosts Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, made a grand return to the desk to get in on the pre-election sketches.

Any still-undecided voters in Pennsylvania have any opinions on this? 

As you can see, the SNL team is invested in this election. 

Saturday Night Live, SNL, Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon

Will Heath/NBC

And it's not over yet! The 2016 SNL Election Special airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Make sure you watch that, and if haven't already, make sure to get to the polls and cast your vote tomorrow. 

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