Could Netflix's The Crown Impact Queen Elizabeth's Real Legacy?

Plus go inside the relationship between the queen and her husband with the actors portraying them on the Netflix show

By Chris Harnick Nov 07, 2016 4:15 PMTags
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The Crown takes viewers inside the very private lives of the Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip. Sure, it's fictionalized since Claire Foy and Matt Smith are playing the royals, but there's still truth there—and lots of research—and it's not exactly a love story for the ages. Although, there is love there. How would the stars describe the dynamic between the two royals?

"Love," Foy told us.

"Yes, in all its splendor," Smith said.

"And difficulty," Foy added.

"And chaos," Smith said. "But it's love. Again, what's interesting and brave about this show is it doesn't show it as this easy romance. It shows it going through real turmoil and the pressure and trauma of becoming queen isn't an easy thing for them to navigate or deal with. I think that dramatically is really engaging."

Stars Playing Queen Elizabeth II

The Crown follows the death of Elizabeth's father and her ascension to the throne in 1952. Now 90 years old, she's still reigning. Could the Netflix series impact her legacy?

"Oh gosh, I don't know whether we've got the power. We haven't got the power," Foy said.

"No," Smith added. "They're too cool for us, aren't they?"

"They've endured so much," Foy said.

"It may make more people Google them," Smith said.

"Yes, and see them has human beings. That would be nice," Foy said.

And hey, be careful when Googling. The Crown spoilers are real history.

Watch the video up top for more from Foy, Smith and John Lithgow on what he learned about Winston Churchill while researching the role.

The Crown season one is now streaming on Netflix.