Jessie James Decker Grills Travis Kelce on His Catching Kelce Contestants: ''Do You Feel Like These Women Are Wife Material?''

Country star and husband Eric Decker make a cameo in this sneak peek

By Gabi Duncan Nov 07, 2016 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Travis Kelce Ready to Settle Down With One of the Ladies?

It's time to call in the big guns!

As the competition continues to wind down, Travis Kelce gets some expert relationship advice from good friends (and perfect couple) Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker in this clip from Wednesday's all-new episode of Catching Kelce!

After treating four of the remaining ladies to a group date night at the country star's concert, Travis sits down with Jessie privately to chat about the women's potential to handle his lifestyle. "You feel like one of them is really going to move to Kansas and be your girlfriend?" she asks.

"Yeah," Travis responds.

"Do you feel like these women are wife material though?" Jessie wonders.

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"The one that I can see filling the role right now is the one second from the right," he replies, referring to Lauren. "But I see a lot in the other girls, and they keep growing on me."

"Lauren is the kind of girl that I see myself settling down with," Travis explains in his confessional. "But I feel like she's kind of faded into the back because I haven't had that much time with her. I need to see her, kind of, fight for me or fight for us."

Following the conversation, Eric and Jessie bids the group farewell and good luck before going back home to their adorable babies. But Travis is so appreciative of their help.

"Eric and Jessie, I can't thank them enough because they both kind of took it out of their day to come over and kind of help me out with my situation," he says. "Now, I have a tough decision."