Is this the start of a Ryan war? 

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds have been charming the pants off of human beings all over the world for many years now, in a constant unspoken battle to be the world's hottest and most number one Ryan (in our heads, at least). Tonight, Reynolds took that battle to the next level by taking on one of Gosling's most beloved roles of all time: Noah Calhoun, of The Notebook

The 2004 movie, which also starred Rachel McAdams, is one of the greatest romantic movies of all time, so we're not surprised that this new clip from the upcoming/not-coming-at-all The Notebook 2 is just non-stop romance. Ryan Reynolds and Conan O'Brien—yes, Conan O'Brien, in a dresspositively ooze chemistry during their lengthy kiss in the rain. 

Just watch the clip below!

OK, yeah, it's a clip from tonight's Conan, but was it not the best dang clip you've ever seen? 

Reynolds guests on the late night talk show tonight apparently just to promote The Notebook 2, which he reveals after having the audience guess what he's promoting, with multiple choices to choose from.

Honestly, we'd like them all to be real, from his new line of ham briefs to his new documentary, Dolphins and How to Stop Them, to just regular Reynolds Wrap, with which he has no affiliation.  

It's actually unclear what he is there to promote, since the guy has been very busy with fatherhood (and his new month-old baby with Blake Lively), but we will pretty much accept any opportunity to look at/listen to/laugh at Ryan Reynolds. 

Anyway, it appears it's your move, Gosling. Maybe Taylor Swift will let you borrow her Deadpool Halloween costume? 

Update: Ryan's wife Blake Lively has responded to the clip: 

"The ways I know that @vancityreynolds got himself into huge trouble on @teamcoco tonight: Not only did he come home with my true love, @levain_bakery cookies, but he personally toasted them for me and brought me a cup of milk WITH ICE. Literal brownie points," the actress wrote on Instagram, adding a sweet quote from The Notebook. "#IfYoureABirdImABird."

Ugh. Can we be birds too?! 

Conan airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on TBS. 

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