Freida Pinto Is Not Afraid To Speak Out Against Inequalities Facing Women In Hollywood

Actress believes we must break away from stereotypes

By Sara Kitnick Nov 03, 2016 8:52 PMTags
Freida Pinto, Cannes Film FestivalJames McCauley/Rex USA

Freida Pinto is not afraid to speak out against the inequalities women face in Hollywood.

The actress spoke with E! News in an exclusive interview and explained why in addition to fighting for equal pay, we must fight to break away from casting women in objectifying, over-sexualized roles.

"People are still giving in to the idea of the female characters being objectified or overly sexualized in films and it's working, it's because people are habituated in that and you have to break that" the actress told us before adding, "You have to break that in a smart but aggressive way."

The 32-year-old star further shared that there needs to be a stronger more diverse representation of women in film and television.

"There [are] still not that many strong female characters."

And while she is no stranger to portraying strong female roles on screen—like that of Latika in Slumdog Millionaire who had been forced into prostitution as a child in India, an issue which Pinto believes is part due to cultural and religious implications—Frieda says she's also played plenty of cookie-cutter stereotypical roles for women onscreen as well.

"I have played my fair share of characters that I think are kind of not strong enough for me but I've made a decision that no matter how strong or big the role is, it should have an impact, if not I shouldn't, be part of it."

The Girl Rising ambassador concluded, "I guess it's habit for people to look at certain things a certain way. Of course there are certain people who think outside the box, so I wouldn't say that the whole world wants inequality but I guess there are certain barriers. I definitely think culture and religion play a massive part and also it's a habit."