Kendall Jenner Admits She's ''Scared to Fall Asleep'' as She Battles Anxiety Over Sleep Paralysis on KUWTK: ''I'm Freaking Out''

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Kendall Jenner is working hard to overcome her personal struggles.

On Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall opened up about her battle with anxiety, panic attacks and sleep paralysis and revealed it's gotten to the point when she's scared to fall asleep!

While talking to her mom Kris Jenner about her sleep paralysis, Kendall explained that she wakes up in the middle of the night and her mind is awake but her body can't move, which she called "terrifying."

To help manage her anxiety, Kendall met with a therapist to try to talk about and work through her struggles. So did the therapy work?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from this episode!

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1. Kendall Talks About Battle With Sleep Paralysis:

While away on a photo shoot, Kendall calls her mom Kris and tells her about the health condition she's been battling called sleep paralysis.

"I'm freaking out because recently I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't move," Kendall says.

When Kendall explains to her mom that it mostly happens on planes, Kris says that she thinks Kendall has "incredible anxiety about traveling" and that she "can't have a fear of getting on a plane" because of her anxiety attacks.

A frustrated Kendall tells her mom, "But it's I'm done arguing with people because everyone says I'm fine, but I don't feel fine. And I promise you one day when I'm rushed to the hospital then you guys are gonna wake up."

Kris tells Kendall that she believes her, she just doesn't want her to live with this "anxious feeling" all the time.

Kendall Jenner Reveals Battle With Scary Health Condition: "I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night and I Can't Move"

2. Scott Disick Does Water Aerobics With Kris & Her Friends:                                                                    

Scott Disick has been enjoying hanging out with Kris, so when she invites him over to swim in the pool, he agrees.

But when he shows up and discovers Kris really invited him over to do water aerobics with all of her friends, he's a little hesitant but eventually joins in.

"I just don't know if this is the most appropriate thing in the world, to be half naked with Kourtney's mom and all of her friends, doing all of these exotic dance moves that you'd see in a strip club," Scott says. "It's a little embarrassing, not gonna lie."

Watch: Kendall Jenner Reveals Sleep Paralysis Fear to Kris

3. Kris Had to Fly From L.A. to London to Get Kendall on a Plane:

Kendall gets very overwhelmed while going over her schedule with Kris and admits she's "scared" to travel that much because of her sleep paralysis.

 "I'm scared to fall asleep because it keeps happening to me," Kendall says. "It almost feels like my heart stops."

But Kris tells Kendall, "The nature of what you do for a living and your career is flying around the world. You have designers that have already booked you and are counting on you to show up."

When she hears this, Kendall tells her mom that she thinks her health is more important than her jobs.

"Kendall basically lives on an airplane, so the anxiety on an airplane and the sleep paralysis is a huge problem," Kris says. "Sometimes it's been so bad that she's been paralyzed from even getting on an airplane and I've had to get on a plane, fly from L.A. to London just to get her from London to New York. So it's becoming a real problem."

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4. Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Kardashian Confront "Cougar Stalker" Scott:

After Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian hear that Scott has been hanging out with their mom and her friends, they confront him. During their conversation, the sisters admit it's "a little odd" that Scott was doing water aerobics with the ladies. 

See Scott's reaction when Kim and Kourtney confront him in the video above!

Watch: Kim Kardashian Shocked By Kendall's Sleep Paralysis

5. Kim "Feels So Bad" for Kendall After Learning About Her Sleep Paralysis:

When Kendall tells her sister Kim she's been struggling with sleep paralysis, Kim is shocked. After Kendall explains that she's been waking up in the middle of the night and can't move, Kim says she "feels so bad" for her sister and that she's been going through this. 

Take a look at the clip to see a shocked Kim learn about Kendall's health battle!


6. Kendall Meets With a Therapist:

While meeting with therapist Michelle Massi, Kendall explains what's been happening to her in hopes that the therapist can help her work through her anxiety.

But when the therapist suggests Kendall mimic the panic attack symptoms she's been having on planes in order to try to manage her anxiety, Kendall shuts it down.

"Oh my God, no this is so scary," Kendall says. "OK pass, I'm not about to actually...Oh my God, no."

Kendall then explains, "The therapist is trying to get me to make a panic attack happen, but every time I think about my anxiety it makes it worse. I wanna get this under control, but not like this."

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7. Khloe Kardashian Asks Scott Why He "Flaked" on Kris:

After Kim and Kourtney confront Scott about hanging out with Kris and tell him it's "odd," he decides to ditch his upcoming lunch plans with Kris.

"I heard that you are now flaking hanging out with Kris Jenner," Khloe Kardashian says. 

"I just think it's getting a little bit weird that I'm with her and her friends every other day," Scott admits.

"Who cares?" Khloe asks. "But aren't you having fun with her?"

Scott then tells Khloe that he is "totally" having fun with Kris, but  Kim and Kourtney are giving him "s--t" and "bothering" him about hanging out with her.

Khloe encourages Scott to continue hanging out with Kris, despite what Kim and Kourtney tell him because she's a good "influence" on him, compared to other people he's spent time with in the past.

Scott then decides that he shouldn't be "scared" to admit he has a good time with Kris and her friends and he decides to apologize to Kris and take a painting class with her and her friends.

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8. Kendall Practices Mediation to Help With Anxiety:

After talking to a therapist doesn't really help Kendall, Kim sets up a meditation session with Kendall and a couple instructors to see if it helps her sister's anxiety. While there is no cure for anxiety, Kim wants to help Kendall get her anxiety under control so she can continue with her career.

After the session, Kendall says it was "pretty amazing" and helped her "relax." She then learns that she can use meditation wherever she is to help her get a hold of her anxiety.

As a prank, she then calls her mom and asks her if she's "canceled" all of her work because she can't deal with her anxiety and can't travel.

When Kris starts to panic, Kendall tell her to "chill" because she thinks she'll "be OK."

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