Catching Kelce Recap: Travis Kelce and His Dates Party Rock With Redfoo and LMFAO During Wild Group Outing

Recap Wednesday night's episode with these must-see moments!

By Gabi Duncan Nov 03, 2016 2:00 AMTags
Catching Kelce 105E!

Shots, shots, shots!

Everybody was just having a good time on Wednesday's all-new episode of Catching Kelce as Travis Kelce and his female suitors arrived at the Party Rock Mansion for a crazy group date with LMFAO!

"The Party Rock Mansion's in full effect," Avery from Colorado said. "Shots everywhere, people dancing everywhere, it was awesome!"

But the episode wasn't all fun and games. With the drama brewing in the house between the women, Travis still needed to get down to business and make some tough decisions about who to keep and who to send packing.

Recap the episode with these seven must-see moments!

Travis Kelce Reveals His Worst Date Experience

1. Maya got denied: Following their VIP date, the NFL star could sense Maya was getting overconfident in the competition when he visited the house for a spa day. So, he decided to bring her back down to earth by hilariously refusing her kiss. "Her confidence has gotten a little too high, and it's getting pretty arrogant," he explained.

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2. Travis teased Lexi: Meanwhile, Travis made an extra effort to spend more time with the other ladies. He stole Lexi away from the group for a couple's massage that eventually turned into her own private rubdown from the football pro. The moment started to heat up as Travis began to trail kisses down her neck, but alas, Lexi was left hanging after he abruptly stopped before it could go to the next level. "What the heck?!" a disappointed Lexi exclaimed. "I haven't even gotten one kiss once!"

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3. Travis and his dates turned all the way up: For the week's group date, Travis brought Ceecee, Victoria, Veronica and Avery to a wild bash at the Party Rock Mansion with Redfoo, Que and Shufflebot to find out if they could handle that exclusive rockstar lifestyle. Each lady had to take shots, change into party costumes and then knock back a few more shots before the festivities could begin! "Before we even enter the house, we're like seven shots deep!" Ceecee explained. "I don't know I can't even count because I'm so out of there!"

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4. Travis inadvertently insulted Victoria's outfit: During his alone time with the Rhode Island contestant, the athlete ended up putting his foot in his mouth after awkwardly comparing her party costume to creamed spinach. "If you were wondering, I'm a watermelon," she corrected. Whoops! "Either way, I love creamed spinach," he explained to her. "I'm not a big fan of watermelon, so that's why I chose—spinach is good for you." LOL!


5. Travis chose Avery for the VIP date: Avery was the lucky girl who got picked for her second solo outing with Travis. The evening turned out to be a limo ride up Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. "It's so romantic up there," she said. "It's just you and the city and twinkling lights—and Travis."

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6. Victoria removed herself from the competition: While she was up for elimination alongside Loreina, Lexi and Maya, Rhode Island shocked everyone by deciding to take herself out of the running because she didn't feel the connection with Travis. "Out of respect for you and out of respect for myself, I feel like maybe we are better off as friends," she told him. "You've done nothing wrong. I've had a wonderful time here."


7. Travis followed his gut: Travis' doubts about Maya had begun to grow after he heard all of the rumors from Loreina and Lexi at the previous elimination ceremony. But this time around, Maya was there to defend herself and address the gossip. "You guys have temporary amnesia, and I just feel like because I'm a threat you just want to pick and choose and nitpick," Maya said. "I'm not going around picking fights with people. If you ask me how I feel about you, I'm going to tell you."

Despite the girls' protests against Maya, Travis still needed to go with his gut feeling. That meant saving Lexi and Maya and sending Loreina home. "If that's the kind of girls that Travis is going to keep around, then I am so out of here," she said after her dismissal. "I don't want any part of it. I feel like I'm just on a different level."