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Look who's reached superhero status in King Cairo's eyes!

As he and his mom were busy putting together his Halloween costume for today, Blac Chyna's son decided he didn't want to be "Ferrari Man" (he's a member of the Marvel Universe, right?) after all, and instead wanted to be none other than his future step-dad, Rob Kardashian.

"Why do you want to be Rob for Halloween?" Chyna asks the 4-year-old, who had two Ferrari-themed birthday parties just a couple weeks ago, in a video she shared on Instagram this morning.

"'Cause I like him," King said sweetly. 

"'Cause you like him? Awww..." Chyna reacted, basically echoing anyone who watches this video.

"And I like his shoe," King adds, holding up a little rubber sandal made up to look like a $190 pair of Gucci slides with green and red tape.

"Guess who wants to be Rob for Halloween?"

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So King set out for the day as Rob, sporting a black T-shirt, a blue Dodgers cap, two "tattoo sleeves" and his "Gucci" shoes.

"This is the cutest thing ever I must say!! King doesn't want to be the Ferrari man anymore for Halloween but instead wants to be Rob," Chyna wrote appreciatively of her son's costume choice.

But dare we add that "cutest," as cute as it is, may be a bit of an understatement. Because even if he changes his mind by nightfall, the fact that King wanted to be Rob for Halloween speaks volumes.

He eschewed Ferrari Man, Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and every other possibility open to a 4-year-old boy to be Rob. Meaning Rob is as good as any mythological or crime-fighting or super-heroic figure in his eyes. That is...OK, yes, the cutest.

I love these 2 ??

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It also makes sense, because Rob has become a very constant figure in King's life this year, the 29-year-old E! star naturally growing closer to Chyna's son as they await the birth of their first child together.


And while King has become more used to Rob, so Rob has learned some new things about himself and tapped into his own potential as a father, thanks to his bond with King.


King Cairo, Rob Kardashian

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"HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING‼ THANK YOU for letting me see what a great Mama you got ! That was the first thing I fell in love with,,, The way she Loves FOR You is something I can't wait for ! Can't wait for the bond I'm going to have with my daughter so Thank You King for allowing me to see that! Everybody Loves You! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOHOOOOOO TURN UP ! GO DODGERS," Rob captioned a birthday message for King a couple of weeks ago, captioning another aw-inducing photo of the pair chuting down a jumbo slide, side-by-side. 

Even sweeter—Rob's sporting the Dodgers cap that King commandeered for Halloween.

So while they've bonded over baseball ("Go Blue" was on every fan's lips two weeks ago), Rob has been appreciating the mother-child connection between Chyna and King, and that has added to his own excitement about becoming a dad.

Rob has also been afforded an incomparable opportunity to practice his parenting skills ahead of time, from the fun stuff like playing video games and taking trips to Disneyland to the disciplinarian side of the job.

Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, King Cairo


"You can't say that," Rob gently chided King when the not-quite-4-year-old dropped an S-bomb over the summer. "Don't say that. That's a bad word. Mommy's going to get really mad at you."

Chyna acknowledged that that sort of interaction was a big deal, or at least could be perceived that way because Rob isn't King's biological father. But Chyna obviously liked the fact that Rob and her son felt so comfortable together.

"I've had this video for a min & it cracks me up! I've been hesitant to post it because I know the media would make it something it's not. But Idc it's too funny my favorite part is when Rob jumps out … look at his face…But overall I'm so happy & blessed to have Robert here willing to help teach King right from wrong," she wrote in August.

With the birth of Rob and Chyna's baby girl fast approaching, King's show of love for Rob on this otherwise spooky day couldn't have come at a better time. Sometimes it takes a little kid's hero worship for a man to realize his Dodgers cap and Gucci slides have been a hero's uniform all along. 

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