Come Tuesday morning, Jane the Virgin will no longer be an accurate title. That's because Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael (Brett Dier) are finally, FINALLY going to have sex after getting the go-ahead from Michael's doctor in last week's episode.

And yes, Jane is a little nervous about it all. "There's so much pressure! There's so much pressure on Jane to make the perfect moment, there's so much pressure on us in the writers' room to make the perfect moment," creator Jennie Snyder Urman says. "That made me start to think about what is this pressure on Jane to make the perfect moment and is anybody's first time perfect? Mine wasn't!"

Jane the Virgin

The CW

Despite all the buildup, things might not go exactly as Jane planned (you know, like that time she and Michael got married and instead of spending their wedding night in a romantic hotel suite, they were in the hospital after he was shot).

"You don't want to just have this perfect, oh my god [moment], and yet that's the expectation and the hope," Urman says. But regardless of how it happens, it's been a long time coming. "It's almost like a relief, I think, for her—it's like, 'Oh, we got that over with.'"

Jane the Virgin

The CW

And things won't completely change. "Once we got past the Virgin part I was happy to let go of that. The next episode is a really, really fun one, and it's just different. The narrator says things are different, she has sex, but she's still the same person!"

It'll be the same show, too—just with a slightly tweaked title. "We're keeping the title, but with changes—a line crossed through and sometimes it'll be like Jane the Guilty Catholic, depending on the theme of what that show will be," Urman says. "It'll always say Jane the Virgin, and then there'll be a line that crosses through Virgin, and then depending on what we're putting that on top of I might put Jane the Guilty Catholic or Jane the Person Who Doesn't Like Her Mom's New Boyfriend."

She continues, "It's a way of saying that people are so much more than sex. She is a person with so many different identities and so many different things that make her character interesting, so once we get rid of the virgin thing then we can open it up to other things that define her."

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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