Eva Longoria on Having a Baby: “If It Happens, It Happens"

"If it's meant to be it would be a blessing," the star said

By Diana Marti Oct 29, 2016 12:49 AMTags

We can't believe it's already been five months since Eva Longoria married José Bastón in a gorgeous ceremony in Mexico. Recently, the Telenovela star sat down with Ocean Drive to discuss everything from past relationships, babies and being on social media. 

When it comes to becoming a mother, Longoria isn't dismissing the idea.

"It if happens, it happens—if it's meant to be it would be a blessing," she said. 


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Longoria's private life has always made headlines and even after going through two previous marriages and other public relationships, the star admits that she doesn't regret any of them.

"No, I think every relationship is a path to where you are today. Every wrong turn led you to the spot where you are, so it wasn't necessarily the wrong turn at the time. I wouldn't change anything—never," she said. 

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Longoria's Snapchat account is all sorts of amazing. The star is funny, real (doesn't wear makeup half of the time) and gives us some great behind-the-scenes exclusives.

"Luckily, I've never been on the receiving end of something really horrible, but a younger actor could be destroyed by the comments that you read online. I'm glad that there was no Twitter or Instagram when Housewives started, for sure. It was a different world back then. Social media can be overwhelming. I don't really have rules for myself—it's just common sense," the 41-year-old actress explained. "I have a very private husband, so I don't really post with him, and of course I don't post the kids for security reasons. But I share a lot, and I use it for charity and my clothing line. It's a great tool when used correctly."

We couldn't agree more, Eva!