Pregnant Tori Spelling and Kids Hattie and Finn Show Us How to Make Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes

Plus, learn why the star swears by Primary Clothing

By Bruna Nessif Oct 29, 2016 3:45 AMTags
Watch: Tori Spelling Spills DIY Halloween Costume Tips

Sure, you can go online or to your local Halloween shop and buy a costume out of the bag, or you can put on your crafty hat and make it yourself!

Soon-to-be mother of five Tori Spelling has made it a family tradition to come up with creative creations for Halloween each year with various DIY costumes, and fortunately, she shared tips on how the famous brood came up with this year's costumes with us!

Of course, she didn't do it alone. Her daughter Hattie and son Finn also came along to be mommy's little helpers!

With their theme of "sugar high" for this year's holiday, Tori and the fam-bam are dressing up as various candies! The actress dressed herself (and the baby bump) up as a gumball machine, while Finn became the blue M&M and his sister Hattie got all sweetened up as cotton candy.

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You'll need some of the basics to achieve this creative artistry, including some polyfil, fabric spray paint and lots of hot glue, but Tori reveals that her secret weapon is using clothes the kids already own—specifically their pajamas (so then, they're already ready for bed after getting their candy. Now, that's a treat!).

Spelling swears by Primary Clothing, kids' basic clothes that are under $25 and completely organic. "All you do is start with the basics, and I'm obsessed with Primary Clothing," Tori shared. "It's all organic, it's all primary colors. It's perfect for Halloween costumes. And it's all under $25."

Watch the clip to see the costume-making process!