Taylor Swift, Drake

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for MTV

The internet is alive and well today. In the latest shipping saga to hit Twitter, people are flipping the freak out over a rumor that Drakeand Taylor Swift might be dating. Despite the fact that it is still just a rumor, fans were geeking out so hard; it started to trend on Twitter.

The vast majority of people are not pleased in any way, shape or form about the potential new couple, but, even through the flames, a few diehard #Drifties have emerged. BTW, Drifties (aka fans who ship Tay and Drake) = Swifties + Drake. It's brilliant. Anyhoo, Twitter has been mostly a sea of savages today with all the memes you'd expect to see in a trash fire like this. 

To be fair, there are a lot of good points being brought up right now, whether you like the idea of them as a couple or not. "If Drake and Taylor Swift are dating, 2017 will be filled with the most depressing ass breakup songs ever created," one person tweeted. Let's be honest, though. It will be some of the best breakup songs ever created. "Drake and Taylor Swift sounds like my type of fan fiction," another wrote. Someone needs to get on that.

Read on for your be-in-the-know roundup of the realest Drake and Taylor memes you need to see. 

Many fans don't see a problem with shipping these two together.

In fact, they've already done so and are all about it. 

Some have even started thinking of nicknames to call the couple. 

The majority of Twitter, however, is not having it at all. 

That being said, let us present you with this.

And this. 

And that.

And, of course, this.

What would this soap opera be without a Rihanna meme?

Or a few predictions for their future? 

No matter where you stand on the subject, #Drift is still just an Internet fantasy. 

Until we find out the truth, please enjoy this photo for all of your shipping needs. 

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