Rob Kardashian will be a new daddy in just a few weeks as Blac Chyna is expected to give birth to their baby girl around November 10. However, while this is certainly an exciting and joyful time for the growing family, the months leading up to the baby's birth haven't been a walk in the park.

Rob and Chyna faced backlash the moment they announced their pregnancy—not only from fans but also Rob's family. They've struggled in their relationship and even saw a bit of trouble with the law. 

But it hasn't all been bad. The couple saw tons of happiness in moments like finding out the baby's sex, throwing their co-ed baby shower and enjoying date nights and fun visits to various theme parks.

So, with that being said, let's take a look back at all the highs and lows of their pregnancy...

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Pregnancy Reveal Gets Backlash: When Rob finally decided to tell his sisters that Chyna was pregnant, they didn't react as warmly as he probably had hoped.

Though all of them kept pretty quiet, Khloe Kardashian took it the worst. "Congratulations," she told Rob during a conversation that was filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "I don't know my emotions right now, I know I feel, I feel more empty and more unresolved than anything else and I'm like internally sad."

She told cameras, "I do think a baby is a blessing, I think that if this is gonna get Rob to get his s--t together cool. But I personally don't know what the next step for Rob and his girlfriend and all of us are. That's up to Rob."

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People Question if Rob's the Father: Not only did the couple receive backlash from their own family, but they also got a lot of hate from trolls on social media. One of the biggest points of contention was when people questioned whether Rob was actually the father.

Thus, Chyna decided to quiet them down by taking a paternity test and showing the results during an episode of Rob & Chyna

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It's a Girl: One of the happier moments of their pregnancy came when the pair found out they'll be having a beautiful baby girl.

Though Rob had voiced that he hoped to have a boy, he said in a confessional for Rob & Chyna, "It's an emotional moment. Me wanting to have a boy, it definitely stems from my dad but I'm sure I'll have the same relationship that I had with my father with my daughter," Rob explained. "I'm just happy that the baby's healthy and I'm gonna be super happy with a girl."

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Chyna Kicks Rob Out: The pair went through a rocky couple days after Chyna found out Rob had been trying to get onto her phone to see if she was texting other guys. Subsequently, things only got even worse when Chyna found out other women had been texting her man. 

The situation boiled and after a blow out fight, Chyna kicked Rob out of her house and questioned whether she could ever actually continue to be with him.

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The Big Misunderstanding: Rob was not happy when he found out his sisters had planned a baby shower for him in which they did not invite Chyna. Thus, he decided to seek revenge by tweeting out Kylie Jenner's number to his millions of followers.

"Didn't invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me? You all must have lost your damn minds," Rob tweeted after telling his almost seven million followers how to contact Kylie.

However, Rob later told Ryan Seacrest that it was a big miscommunication. "I thought they weren't having Chyna at our baby shower. Chyna's baby shower is actually this Sunday, but they were trying to do a little surprise 'guy' baby shower for me and I was just upset trying to fight for Chyna like, 'Yo, she has to be at the baby shower. She's birthing my child. She needs to be there.' It was literally miscommunication and I probably shouldn't have went on Twitter, but I did."

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More Relationship Drama: Once again, Chyna acted out after discovering women were still texting Rob. So she took matter into her own hands and gave him a taste of his own medicine—she tweeted out his phone number.

The mama took to Snapchat to explain herself, saying, "To assure your man is not texting no bitches, just tweet his number out. How's that feel Rob? How ya feel?...Get your number changed, thank you."

She continued, "To all these females wanna keep texting his phone 'cause they had his number before, talking about 'you good? You and Chyna good?' Naw, we good. We good. We straight. All right."

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The Baby Shower: Though his sisters weren't in attendance, Rob and Chyna's baby shower was beautiful. Close to 80 guests—including King Cairo and Scott Disick—attended the party, which was planned by Eve Sarkisyan and hosted by Sylvia Karapetian. It featured everything from a belly dancer to photo booths to cakes, games and bottles of champagne.

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Kim Kardashian's Robbery: Although it was a wonderful shower, Rob and Chyna ended up hearing that Kim had been robbed in Paris during the party. 

He was "very concerned," a source told us at the time, adding that the father-to-be "started to make calls to his family to find out if everyone was OK."

Rob tried calling Kim and mom Kris Jenner before he "grabbed Chyna and they started to make some calls together," the source explained. It's unclear which family member Rob was able to get a hold of first, but it was a huge relief for Rob and Chyna when they confirmed Kim was physically unharmed.

"They were both extremely shaken up and upset by everything, but once they discovered that Kim wasn't hurt they calmed down," a source tells E! News. "It was a terrifying moment for the two of then. They were so worried about Kim."

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Their Big Step Forward: After several long talks and bumps in the road, Rob realized he really needed to make more of an effort with Chyna. Thus, he planned an elaborate, romantic date for the two of them, which played out on Rob & Chyna.

"I can't even believe that Rob took the initiative and had this romantic date for me," Chyna told cameras in a confessional. "It shows me that he really is listening and I feel like that's a big step forward."

The two also discussed their wedding, admitting they still want to get married next year, and Rob even promised to see a therapist to continue working on himself and their relationship. 

"Scott suggested therapy," Rob explained. "I'm obviously more than willing to do whatever it takes for Chyna and I'm willing to try it."

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Chyna Buys Herself a Push Present: The model and soon-to-be mama-of-two decided to treat herself by purchasing a $400,000 Rolls Royce ahead of giving birth to her baby girl.

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Having Some Fun: While the couple prepares to welcome their daughter, they've been spending time with Chyna's son King as well as enjoying fun nights out together.

Not only did they recently visit Disneyland, but they also went out for a fright at Halloween Horror Nights.

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Rob Under Investigation: Most recently, E! News learned the reality star is being investigated by the Los Angeles police department over a reported criminal threat toward Pilot Jones. LAPD's threat management unit is currently investigating to see if it was a criminal threat.

According to TMZ, there were allegations Rob physically threatened the actor who has recently appeared in photos kissing Chyna. However, Chyna quickly took to social media to clarify the situation.

"Ok let's state facts !!! I been quiet for too long!!! So JC Pilot Jones whatever the f--k his name is has already tried to put out a story saying that he's the potential father of my child," she wrote on Instagram Thursday, claiming the photos were a result of a ploy to make Jones' partner jealous. "Mind you at the time I THOUGHT THIS WAS MY FRIEND and I didn't see a problem with it!!! This was over two years ago people !!! I never had sex with him ! NEVER EVER!"

"Like you really stooped this low ?!?! Coming for a B--ch that's due in a few days ! Really trying to start beef with my Fiancé !!! Your a f--king joke ! You just played yourself !"

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