Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward Welcome Daughter Monroe Christine

Flipping Out star's baby was born on October 25, 2016

By Zach Johnson Oct 26, 2016 11:00 AMTags
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Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are two proud papas!

The stars of Bravo's Flipping Out welcomed their firstborn daughter Tuesday afternoon. "At 4:22pm today, I grew up," Jeff announced via Instagram. "Welcome Monroe Christine Lewis."

Jeff and Gage, who have been together seven and a half years, announced in May that they had a baby on the way. After multiple attempts at adoption didn't work out, they decided to use a surrogate instead. "We are very excited, but I'm also a little terrified," Jeff told People in the spring. "I'm trying to decide if I'm more terrified or excited," he added, "but I think it's normal."


Executive assistant Jenni Pulos told Bravo's The Daily Dish in August that she thinks the couple will "be incredible parents." Jeff wanted to "lower the bar," as he doesn't "want the pressure," so Jenni joked, "I think they're going to be maybe less than mediocre to mediocre parents."

Should Jeff ever need help with Monroe, Jenni's got him covered. "I'm on for whatever: rap lullabies, you name it," she said. But she won't breastfeed, as Jeff said, because that's "creepy."

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Now that their daughter has arrived, will Jeff and Gage finally tie the knot? "I just found out: My attorney said that he is now eligible for palimony because it's been seven-and-a-half years," Jeff said on Access Hollywood Live in August. "I'm on the hook anyway; I might as well get married."

All jokes aside, Jeff is happy to be sharing his life with Gage, who also manages his business affairs. "I've had several relationships, and I always feel like people try to change me, but he's kind of embraced the crazy. And you're right, he is amused [by me]," the reality star admitted to co-hosts Kit Hoover and Dave Karger. "It's just a really nice relationship and a nice dynamic."

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