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Just in case you missed the memo: Fall fringe is in.

Everyone from Karlie Kloss and Ciara to Lily Collins and Dakota Johnson are recent fans of the beautiful bang theory. Unlike with fashion trends, however, this haircut doesn't accentuate every face shape—and, even worse, it can leave you feeling insecure and frustrated while you wait for your hair to grow back. 

Clip-in bangs to the rescue!

"Bangs are a good way to switch things up," said celeb hairstylist Anthony Pazos, who has worked with big names like Beyoncé. "I keep clip-ins in my kit. I try them on clients first so they can see what it looks like. It's funny—nine times out 10, they're like, ‘Maybe I won't try bangs after all.'"

Celebs—they're just like us...when it comes to important hair decisions. So, we asked Anthony to help three E! staffers (who love the look but were also apprehensive) find out if clip-ins would change their mindset.

Using Bellami Clip-in Bangs (you only want to use real hair, urged the stylist), the pro straightened each set with a flat-iron before fastening to hair. To secure, he sprayed the actual clips with Stylers by 180Pro TEASEless Volumizing Powder Shake "to anchor" the clip-ins in the hair.

You'll have to read on for the before-and-after photos. 

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Fringe Bangs

Alanah B.B (Before Bangs): I've tried bangs a few times but I had a few problems with them. The oil from my hair was causing acne on my forehead. I had to put much more heat on my hair, because there's nothing worse that frizzy bangs. And, I don't have a large forehead, so I felt like they were overwhelming for my face.

ESC: Clip On Bangs


Alanah can pull of any look with her face shape—it's not too long or wide, according to the expert. Fringe bangs are just wispy enough and can look good living straight on your forehead or wherever the wind takes it. To elevate this look, pair the bangs with a super-high updo. 

"If you're going for a more casual look, keep a few bumps in it," recommended the hair pro. "If you're going to a more formal event, make it as sleek as possible."

After you tie up your hair, clip in the bangs, always starting with the center fastener, followed by the two sides—it's that simple.

Pro tip: Use your flat-iron to flatten out any bulge the clip-on may create on top of your head, noted the pro. Just rest the non-heated side of the iron on the bump for a few seconds to let a low heat transfer and smooth.

ESC: Clip On Bangs


Alanah A.B. (After Bangs): Temporary bang extensions are the perfect solution to all of my problems! I can take them off when I need to, apply heat to them without damaging my hair and adjust the length easily.

ESC: Fall Bangs, Karlie Kloss

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Piece-y Bangs

Kailey B.B. (Before Bangs): Bangs bring back bad memories of wall-like fringe when I was in elementary school. I also fear it makes my face look rounder and my cheeks chubbier the more my hair is in my face, so bangs are usually out of the question.

ESC: Clip On Bangs


To get "a tousled-type look with volume without going overboard, we want to go with very piece-y bangs and some loose texture," said Anthony. "This is great for people with lots of hair but has fine hair per square inch."

Use a flat-iron to create beach waves (this tutorial will help!) or if you have an aversion to heat tools, the pro recommended sleeping in The Sleep Styler for the same effect. Clip in the bangs and then use thinning shears to take out the volume of the faux bangs.

"Always gotta customize those bangs; otherwise, they'll look like they are just sitting on top of your head," said the pro. "You have to cut the bangs while it's on your head. You don't want them to look fake."

Curl the longest edges of the clip-ins and blend them into your real hair—voilà.

ESC: Clip On Bangs


Kailey A.B. (After Bangs): My fears were confirmed. I felt like my face was suffocating beneath the fake bangs and I removed them immediately. It was fun to test out, but it's official: I'm never getting bangs.

ESC: Fall Bangs, Lily Collins

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Blunt Bangs

Diana B.B. (Before Bangs): I've tried bangs before in college and because I have very fine hair and not a lot of it, it looked really sparse on my forehead. When it got oily, it was just a mess. On top of that, I have high cheekbones and a square jawline that protrudes out just enough to make my actually round face look wider (first world problems, I know)—needless to say, bangs weren't doing me any favors.

ESC: Clip On Bangs


If your face is more square or round, bangs can help slim it down. The trick is to use a flat-iron to straighten your bangs, as well as your natural hair, until it's stick-board straight.

"Something super structured, super straight, super angular, with hair on the sides, will fame your face," noted the expert. "It's very graphic, very fashion."

Pro tip: Don't cut this one—the fringe should look really thick.

ESC: Clip On Bangs


Diana A.B. (After Bangs): The Blac Chyna vibes were real. Honestly, I didn't hate them. It took me awhile to get used to them, but once I did, I realized I had another look to play with, one that was definitely edgier, even a bit more international, than my typical wake-up-and-roll-out-of-bed, Cali-girl tresses.

Even with an industry pro by your side, bangs might not work for you. Every factor—from face shape, hair type, hair color and skin type to self-confidence—matters.

When it doubt, clip it in.

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