Katy Perry's Birthday Celebration Included Bacon Cake, Voting Early and a ''Fuzzy Vagina''

Let us explain...

By Bruna Nessif Oct 26, 2016 2:38 AMTags
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Bacon cake, an early ballot and a fuzzy vagina? Sounds like one helluva birthday!

That seemed to sum up Katy Perry's big day, according to her Instagram story. The singer, who turned 32 years old today, had quite the festive, patriotic and X-rated celebration.

Through various photos and videos, Katy shared the journey of her birthday with fans, beginning with a massage and some bacon cake for breakfast. BACON. CAKE. Take a moment to let that sink in. OK, let's move on.

As part of her gifts, Perry was given a Goddess Box, which included a "fuzzy vagina." Yes, we're being serious. Yes, there's a photo of it. Yes, it might make you uncomfortable, but it's also kinda great.

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Katy ended her day in the most patriotic way possible. She jumped into her American flag coat and arrived at her polling place after closing.

The volunteers watched as the superstar placed her early vote for president (spoiler alert: She voted for Hillary Clinton) and Perry shared a video of herself dropping in her ballot.

"GAVE MYSELF THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER BY VOTING TODAY," she wrote on Instagram. "Wish @hillaryclinton a Happy Birthday tomorrow with your EARLY vote. Check www.rockthevote.com to see where your poll is. #HBDTOME #HAPPYBIRTHDAYHILLARY #SCORPIOSISTERS."

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Katy recently talked to E! News about her passions for the future, and includes some little ones.

Recalling her passion for bringing music therapy programs to sick children as well as recently helping deliver her sister's baby, Perry told us, "I see the amazing thing of birth and children and the vulnerability and we just have to take care of them and how, how big of an impression we have. We have such a responsibility!"

Katy continued, "Children to me are becoming a big focus. I don't even have mine but I see it in my sister's kids and just how much nurturing and love they need..."

Ahem, Orlando Bloom. Are you listening?

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