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From Tammy: I love What About Brian, but I'm wondering if we'll ever see Sarah Lancaster again. Is Marjorie gone for good?
Stop the presses!! I've got a little scoop I'm personally over the moon about (though, I'm not gonna lie, I could stand to have both Brian boys to myself). Sources tell me we will see Sarah/Marjorie again. I know she's been MIA for a long time, but inside sources say her return is imminent. Let me be the first to say, thank freaking God!

From AndyB: Scrubs is back! Scoop me—stat!
An inside source tells me that the season's fourth episode is titled "My House" and makes a total mockery of Fox's Gregory House, M.D.! Apparently Dr. Cox will solve several medical mysteries in a short period of time. Of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I'm sure the Scrubs producers are actually huge House fans. But you gotta love a good crossover pissing match, no?

From Jana: Scrubs scoop! How is the musical looking?
Amazing. J.D. and Turk sing a song together about their "man love" that might make you pee a little.

From quigleydownunder: How frakkin' good was Friday's Battlestar?
So frakkin' good I screamed "Holy Frak!" (and gave my fiancé a heart attack) when Starbuck and Apollo had their bloody-good frak/fight—then told each other they missed each other. Gaaa! So good! And in more good news, my fellow E! Online reporter Jennifer Godwin stopped by the photo shoot for USA Weekend's recent Battlestar Galactica cover. She sat down with the stars, and Jamie Bamber spilled a little about Apollo's story arc for the rest of season: "I'm very happy with where the character is going in season three. I've enjoyed season three very much. About the future…I just hope he is never allowed to settle. One thing I'm pretty sure of about Ron [Moore] and David [Eick] is they don't let any of them settle into any kind of place, because the world in which they all live is about disruption."

From Woodstock: What's going to happen to Kara and Anders now that Kara and Lee had their boxing match of love in front of the whole crew?
Hang tight for the answer on that. I scored a little one-on-one time to ask creator Ronald D. Moore your questions, which we'll be posting this coming Friday.

From Wentlvr: Grey's scoop! Please!
I got some juicy dish on a death. Check the spoiler section that starts on page 3! 

From Lauren: Can you confirm an All-Star Amazing Race next season? Do you know who will be there (please say Rob and Amber)?
Yes, there will be an all-star cast. In fact, they've already begun filming. And yes, Romber, aka Rob and Amber, will be on it. The new season will also feature this season's David and Mary and Amazing Race 7 winners Joyce and Uchenna, who beat Rob and Amber. Can't wait!

From Iggiepoo: Is there any chance Veronica Mars could get a full order of 22 episodes this season?
I'll let Rob Thomas answer that one for ya: "No. They've changed up our arc a little bit. Our middle arc was supposed to be seven episodes and they reduced it to six. So, we thought we had one more episode to finalize the 'Who killed Dean O' Dell mystery,' and then when we found out we didn't have one. So, the last two of that arc, episodes 14 and 15, are really going to be action packed because we are jamming three episodes of big murder mystery into two episodes." (P.S. If you haven't already, make sure you check out my Rob Thomas Q&A with exclusive scoop on the new plan for the show.)

From Gina: I love Men In Trees. I'm so happy it moved to Thursdays!
I know! That last ep was priceless, with Frist finally coming to her senses. (Home is where the hottie is, dummy!) Unfortunately, however, Trees didn't do much better than Six Degrees was doing in the same time slot, but hopefully people will catch on and start sticking around, especially since there's some great stuff coming up. (Mild spoiler alert.) I just heard they're adding a gay character to the cast, and he just so happens to be Patrick's half-brother. Yes, Buzz's other son will visit Elmo in the next month or so, and he'll have a recurring role.

From sneepeople: Do you have any news on Medium? Are we going to see Michael Benoit again?
I spoke to Medium creator Glenn Gordon Caron, and he said he'd definitely love to have Ryan Hurst back on the show as brother Michael, and he also talked about the other DuBois relatives who sometimes come calling: "I love the people who play the extended family. Kathy Baker's an old friend—she plays Jake's mom. I love the gentleman who plays Jake's deceased dad. We've been toying for a while with literalizing Allison mother's in some way…Every time you take a character who's been mentioned, and you literalize him, that is to say you actualize them—you hope that the writing that you provide the actor with and the actor you cast is as beguiling as the idea."

From Loelle76: How about a little blind item scoop? Please, please, please say that Wandering Wally is not John Krasinski...please!
Ack! No. It most definitely not John Krasinski. But it is someone just as heartbreaking.

From Jana: Is the TV Tri-oh Pam Anderson and Kid Rock?
Nope. I don't really consider them TV peeps, do you? I mean, sure, Baywatch was groundbreaking television, but what has Kid done for the small screen lately?

From Martin: What happened to the Ratings Decoder? Please bring it back!
I hear you, and I apologize. I'm doing my best to try and fix this as best I can. Our sense was that the Ratings Decoder was not widely read and was clogging up the main blog, making it more difficult for everyone to find the chat and other scoopy goodies. We felt that many people, for better or worse, do not care about ratings. So, we discontinued the Decoder for the time being. But maybe we were wrong! Our production team is working right now on a new design for my entire section (I cannot wait), in which it might be possible to have a separate section for the Decoder. That new design will take a little time, unfortunately, but it is an option. Anyway, I really am curious how you all feel about the Ratings Decoder (if you want it and where you want it), so feel free to sound off in the comments section below, or weigh in on the main page (for Tuesday only). Do you want it daily? Weekly? Not at all? You guide me!


From Tessa: What's with the lack of Grey's scoop lately? Dish!
Gladly. I'm hearing of a heart-wrenching (seriously, stock up on your hankies!) episode coming up, in which a character will die. From the sounds of it, it just might be the most emotionally intense episode Grey's has done yet. And it will also help Cristina redeem herself.

From Michael: Any hope for George and Callie?
If by hope, you mean sex—and lots of it—then...Yes, absolutely!

From Sana: Tell me about tonight’s Heroes! Is it true we get to see the bomb?
I asked Adrian Pasdar that very Q, and he told me: "There are a lot of answers delved into and very clearly defined. By the end of the episode, you’ll have a really good idea of what you’ve thought was wrong. Let me rephrase that: by the end of the episode you will still be confused, but your answers will be clear." If anyone knows what that the heck that means, please tell me!

From Keith: So, is the radioactive guy, Ted, gonna be the one to blow up New York?
Don’t be so sure! I asked Milo and Masi that very question, and here was their tag-team answer:

Milo: Who says it's gonna be Teddy?
Masi: Who says it's gonna be this season? Who says it's gonna be this show? Maybe it's Jericho that blows up.
Milo: Maybe they're gonna blow up on Ugly Betty.
Masi: Oooh! You never know.

From Kate: Are J.D. and Kim really having a baby on Scrubs? How long is she sticking around?
They’ll make a decision this week, so you won’t have to wait too long to find out—but FYI, Kim will only be hanging around Sacred Heart for a few more episodes. I’m hearing that just as she and J.D. start to settle in and work things out, she gets a job offer in St. Louis and says "bye-bye-bye." (I gotta get me that Turkleton ringtone!)

From Bob: You may have already seen this, but your frienemy Ausiello is saying definitively that Jack is not going to die on Lost. Fingers crossed that he's correct.
I have heard the words of my sworn frienemy, and I concur. Still, someone is gonna die!

From Joanna: Any Lost scoop?
Just a little casting tidbit. They are currently casting an Australian doctor and an Australian cop for episode 12, so it looks like that episode will have an Australia flashback. Guesses? My money’s on Claire. Or Sawyer. Or Vincent.

From Natalie: I don’t mind Karen on The Office, but how long is this thing with her and Jim going to last? Is Pam going to freak when she finds out?
Unfortunately for JAM lovers, there’s no set exit plan for Karen. She’s going to be around for at least awhile, so you’ll have to get used to her. However, you might be happy to hear that Jim isn’t quite head over heels for K-dog (Karen, not Kristin, to be clear). I’m hearing that when the show comes back in January, she’ll be talking about getting an apartment on his street, which causes him to freak out because he feels they’re moving too fast. The interesting part is that Pam is the one who calms him down and convinces him it’s not such a bad thing. I’m thinking this relationship with Karen may be the thing that actually brings JAM back together! Yay!

From Erica: I love The Office!! Any scoop?
It won’t be on this week—bah humbug!—but they’re making up for it next Thursday with an hour-long Christmas episode—Feliz Offidad, everyone! FYI, Michael will be nursing a broken heart, but he’ll have Jim, Andy and Dwight to lean on. Karen and Pam also will become unexpected allies when they team up against Angela, to organize their own office holiday party. (P.S. I’m hearing Angela’s man, Mr. Dwight Schrute, has some tough times ahead. While he’s tight with Michael right now, Andy has got a few tricks up his sleeve, which will cause major problems in the new year.)

From Cindy: On Ugly Betty, what’s going to happen with Betty’s dad? Do you think he’ll actually get deported?
I’m hearing everything will be okay in the end, but I’m not sure how long it’ll take. I do know that we'll see more of Ignacio in the coming weeks. We’ll learn about his job, meet his boss and get to know his character a bit better.

From Wendy: I’m sick of no contact between Luke and Lorelai! What’s going to happen?
No worries, Wendy. The silence ends this week, and things are about to change. Unfortunately for Christopher, that means marital troubles are imminent. Luke will be back in Lore’s life, and the two will become a major support system to each other in the coming months.

From Mario: How about a little CSI: Miami wuv?
Wuv to. After the New Year, things will be crazier than usual for the CSIs in Miami. I’m hearing Horatio’s nemesis is pulling a Michael Scofield, except his sole motive for breaking out is to terrorize Horatio’s team.

From tiny: Is the dean really dead on Veronica Mars?
No, he is actually alive and well and starring in a new HGTV show called Living with Ed. Or, at least, Ed Begley Jr. is, anyway. Mystery solved!

From Gigi: Don’t forget Smallville!
Looks like red kryptonite will be making its way back to Smallville—and this time, it won’t only be affecting Clark. Not to mention the red kryptonite might just be giving Clark the nerve to shed his insight on how he feels about the relationships forming around him (Lionel and Martha to Lexana and the baby). Also, I hear costumes, er, outfits will be coming along with the Justice League in the January episode. I am sensing the little Justice Leaguers' attire will go along with their secret identities. Bring on the fashion police!

From Jackie: I’m in Brothers & Sisters withdrawal! WTF?!
It’ll be back this Sunday for one more ep before the holidays, and I can tell you that Kitty is going to accept the offer from Senator McCallister (Rob Lowe) to take a position on his staff. Unfortunately for Kitty, scandal seems to follow her to the new job. I’m hearing everyone in the office thinks she’s sleeping with Rob Lowe—a rumor I once tried to spread about myself, but no one bought it.

From Kelly: On Desperate Housewives, you know if Ian’s wife Jane is going to wake up from her coma? It seems inevitable, right?
I agree. You just know it’s going to happen, but I’m not really positive what the plan is at this point. What I can tell you is that she’ll continue to pose problems in Susan and Ian’s relationship, even if she doesn’t wake up. The butler isn’t her only fiercely loyal fan. Apparently her best friend from college is coming to town, too, and I’m hearing she grates.

That’s all for today. Make sure you send in your questions via the Ask Kristin link at left, then check back next Tuesday to see if your Q has been answered.

Happy Tubing!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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