Catching Kelce Recap: Travis Kelce's Strong Connection With Maya Makes Her a Target for the Other Contestants

Plus, which girl was sent back home in elimination? Get the scoop!

By Gabi Duncan Oct 27, 2016 2:00 AMTags
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Always watch your back!

Friendships were tested (and broken) in Wednesday night's brand-new episode of Catching Kelce as the nine remaining ladies continued to fight tooth and nail for Travis Kelce's attention and affection.

Maya and Lexi's alliance ended in the blink of an eye once the Kansas City Chiefs tight end established a stronger connection with the Kentucky native, proving once and for all that nothing's fair in this game of love. "Lexi is not my priority, no matter what I promised her," Maya said. "I just can't help it when I'm around Travis."

Meanwhile, West Virginia contestant Jamie Leigh began exhibiting strange behavior as the pressure of having to share Travis with eight other women wore heavily on her.

Recap the episode with these nine must-see moments:

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1. Travis made breakfast for his "Fine Nine" ladies: The football stud brought over yummy ingredients to whip up a meal for his women. Chef Kelce with the pot, boy!


2. Jamie Leigh became too overprotective of Travis: After their first kiss on last week's group date, Jamie Leigh got bizarrely possessive over her "boyfriend" during the group breakfast. "I don't like when he talks to other girls," she explained. "It makes me crazy."

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3. Loreina got frisky with Travis in a medieval virtual video game world: The California native busted out of her shell and surprised Travis with sword spanking followed by a booty dance during their one-on-one. "Loreina comes out and she showed her personality," Travis said. "I didn't expect that."

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4. Travis and Jamie Leigh only had one thing in common: Travis found it extremely difficult to connect with Jamie Leigh on a deeper level during the video game date. Despite that, they still found other ways to pass the time. "I'm not going to lie, she might not be able to hold a conversation," Travis said. "But she's pretty, um, hot!"

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5. Travis and Lexi pretended to be virtual ballerinas: But when Travis attempted to lift her up in the air Dirty Dancing style, it was a total fail. "Dancing with Lexi is like dancing with Bambi," he said. "She just slowly finds her way to the floor." LOL!


6. Maya and Travis shared their first kiss: "It was the perfect first kiss," Maya gushed. "He's just so cute, so romantic and so affectionate. My confidence is through the roof."

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7. Lexi ditched Maya after feeling betrayed: Lexi decided to move out of the room she shared with BFF Maya in the house after Travis chose her to join him on the VIP date. His choice sparked lots of red flags for Lexi because she believed Maya would have her back until the end. "Sorry, bitch!" Lexi said while packing up her belongings. "You're sleeping alone!"


8. The women threw Maya under the bus at elimination: "We think you are like the smartest guy," Loreina said. "And we're just like, 'What the hell do you see?'" Lexi then chimed in with her two cents. "Honestly, she's done some stuff to a lot of girls," she said. "A lot of the drama in the house has really stemmed from her. I think she said to one of the girls tonight that she wants go home." Whaaat?!


9. Travis sent Jamie Leigh home—and she completely lost it: Travis decided to eliminate Jamie Leigh because they only had a physical connection. "I feel like I need all aspects of the relationship," he said.

She broke down in uncontrollable tears before storming out without saying goodbye. "I just don't understand," she wailed. "Oh, my heart hurts!"