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Wait, what? How did we never notice this? If you grew up watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, you already know it's all about the adventures of Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale and Cole and Dylan Sprouse running around the Tipton hotel. What does that have to do with Emma Stone? Well, it turns out she was secretly the voice of one of the most important stars of the show. Remember the adorable Ivana Tipton? That fuzzy little puffball who was basically the dog boss of the hotel? Yeah. That was Emma Stone, Seventeen notes. You may have never noticed this because back when she voiced the pup for an episode back in '05,  she went by her real name Emily Stone, which is what's seen in the credits. Also, for the rest of the show, Ivana really only spoke in barks when it came to communicating with humans.

Those, if you remember, were translated into subtitles. Ivana's convos with other dogs is when she really did the talking. In the clip of Emma's doggie voiceover, London Tipton tries to set up her posh pup with another regal Pom. She is not impressed when he tells her that he just won 'Best in Show.' "Who came in second place? A cat?" ZING, Ivana. Zing. The news is obviously NBD to the diva of all dog divas, as she barks back with some more serious sass. Emma Stone for the win. 

Apparently, it doesn't work out, as Maddie Fitzpatrick's dog ends up winning Ivana's heart in the end. "Funny and cute. Why haven't we met before, darling," Ivana says when she meets Scamp for the first time. After Ivana's failed dinner date with the royal Lord, London Tipton and Maddie discover Scamp and Ivana snuggling on the couch of the Imperial Suite. London decides to put aside her negative feelings for Maddie's mutt after she sees how happy Ivana really is. Aww. We love a good underdog (ha) story. 

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