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The season may be over, but the drama rages on in The Hills.

A source tells E! News exclusively that Stephanie Pratt's ex-boyfriend Cameron Huston is planning to sue MTV, claiming the network provoked an argument that resulted in Pratt's brother, Spencer, punching Huston in the face Saturday night at the Dime, a Los Angeles bar.

"Cameron has hired Robert Shapiro to be his lawyer and is going to file a lawsuit against MTV," says the source.

An assistant for Shapiro said she could not confirm whether Huston was a client of the former O.J. attorney's law firm.

Meanwhile, MTV tells E!: "The Hills cameras were filming at a bar in Los Angeles when a dispute between Spencer and Cameron occurred. MTV does not condone or encourage violence. It is a series which follows the daily lives of these characters, and we cannot always foresee the situations that take place when filming. We are not aware of any lawsuit regarding this matter."

According to a Hills source, Pratt and Huston, a 23-year-old aspiring actor, were filming when producers told Huston to send a text message to Pratt's fiancée/wife-in-Mexico, Heidi Montag, telling her Pratt was hitting on a bartender.

"They told him Spencer was in on it, and that it was just a joke," says our source. "They told him to send Spencer fruity girly drinks at the bar, and that it was all just for the show."

Pratt, however, was not in on the ruse.

"Supposedly Spencer had no idea, and he got really pissed off," the source says. "He punched Cameron two to three times, and he had a ring on, so [Huston] got cut pretty bad."

The source says MTV did not have medics on hand, as is customary when there's the possibility of injury, and that Huston had to be taken to the hospital to get stitches.

"He's going to file a suit because it was production that told him to do the things that led to him getting punched in the face," the source says.

There is no word yet on whether Pratt will be named as a defendant in the supposedly upcoming lawsuit.

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