David Duchovny, Tea Leoni, Billy Bob Thornton

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Finally, it's Téa's turn to have a little fun! Ms. Leoni, David Duchovny’s estranged wife (who mysteriously does or does not text to her husband while he takes another woman as a date to an awards show), is in Park City promoting her flick Manure with Billy Bob Thornton. Téa’s enjoying herself very much—without David (unless she’s parked him under a snowball the size of that dude’s sex addiction).

So, readers, you've all asked what's been going on with Téa and the man who loves to get cozy with Gillian Anderson while staring down her cleavage? And are Téa and Billy Bob more than costars, like so many people in this damn Biz?

"I really don't think so," blabs a festival insider who’s been hanging tight with Téa. "Billy Bob playfully hits on everyone; Téa isn't special." Oh, so it’s just typical BBT schmuck-flirting, eh? Not surprised. Guess that’s why during all of Leoni's promotional roundups at Sundance she’s always happy, happy, in a good mood? “Yes,” insists our Téa hanger-on.  

Also, maybe T.L.’s smiley face is due to the fact that dubious hubby David isn’t around with his snow-bunny-wandering eyes? Indeed, David hasn't accompanied the lady he praised so much at the Golden Globes during her trip to Utah, what's up with that?

"The media was under strict instructions not to go there" during press interviews, dishes a heavy-duty Sundance type. Although Téa did open up a bit, calling the last year hard, she kept her head high and was very polite and fun during all of her interviews. With BBT’s help, of course.

Come on honey, we like and respect ya, ditch the dude already! The Gillovney addicts would be happy, and we would like to see ya with a quirky, fun guy, too. Just not BBT, we beg of you. Please discard him once you’re done, post-Sundance. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder.

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