Charlize Theron Transforms Into a Golden Goddess in New Dior Perfume Commercial

The Oscar winner has become synonymous with the brand since appearing in advertising dating back to 2004

By Samantha Schnurr Oct 12, 2016 3:24 PMTags
Charlize Theron, J'Adore Dior CommercialYouTube

We bet you'll J'adore this new Dior commercial. 

As the longtime face of the brand's famous fragrance, Charlize Theron swapped out the runway for the beach in a newly debuted commercial for J'adore fragrance. 

Clad in a glistening gold one-shoulder gown, the Oscar winner looked every bit like a Grecian goddess as she pranced in the water, soaked up the sun and let the wind blow through her wavy tresses.

Beware! If you watch the 45 second clip, you will immediately feel compelled to book a vacation to the nearest tropical island. 

As described by the brand online, the new short film is meant to be a nod to "The Water, the Earth, The Sun and me...We are Gold." 

Charlize Theron's Best Looks

In more than a decade of partnering with the brand, Theron has starred in a handful of striking commercials for the perfume, including one of her interacting with recreations of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly or a more recent one of her climbing to the ceiling on a silk drape sporting a slinky gown. 

When reflecting on her years with the brand, Theron particularly remembers when she first landed the role. "When I got the call from Dior, I had just done Monster," she said in an interview with Dior, referencing her Academy Award-winnig performance as infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos. "They were like, 'We want that girl!'"

From the looks of this newest commercial, they definitely found the right leading lady.