The Internet Is Convinced the New Power Rangers Trailer Is Way Too Extra

It's certainly not the nostalgic remake you were hoping for

By Dominique Haikel Oct 10, 2016 8:18 PMTags
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Everyone loves a good remake when it's done right. According to the Internet's reaction to the new teaser trailer, it looks like the new Power Rangers reboot might be a little questionable. Any fan who hoped for a cute and gentle nod to the classic '90s film and series could wind up seriously blindsided by the movie's modern twist. In what one Twitter user called Chronicle meets The Goonies, the new trailer depicts The Rangers in a dark and angst-ridden light. A rough-and-tumble group of teenagers gets together upon discovering their new found superpowers, but in the most extra way possible. Instead of the fun-loving colorful bodysuits of series' past, the new Rangers look kind of like aggressive Transformers out for your blood. In other words, the Internet thinks the new movie looks a liiiittle bit too dramatic. Anyone who watched the original Rangers knows it just wasn't that deep. 

Meet the New Power Rangers Cast

For one, which you'll see for yourself in the teaser, people are remarking on the serious tone of the film. The OG crews were tough of course, but they were also kids with funny personalities, plaid shirts and corny lines to deliver. The new teaser is a tad different. In it you'll see everything from a passionate romance between two rangers,  wild fights on a moving train, violent car flips, even a drama-filled scene that takes place under water. Oh, and you can forget that corny "It's morphin' time!" BS.

The Internet, of course, had some special words for the new Rangers. "LMAO people I promise u power rangers was never this hype I promise u it didn't look this lit," one fan tweeted, summing up a large chunk of the Internet's feelings. We couldn't have said it any better ourselves. So! That being said, if you're really looking to relive a piece of your childhood, you're better off staying home and binging the shows with a box of Gushers. These are not the same Power Rangers that graced your first-grade lunch box.