Lip Sync Battle Returns With Ben Kingsley as Elton John for "Rocket Man"

The actor imitates the famous musician in the first episode of the Spike series' new season

By Samantha Schnurr Oct 10, 2016 4:58 PMTags
Ben Kingsley, Elton John, Lip Sync BattleSpike TV

Lip Sync Battle is back and it's packing a glamorous punch. 

For its Season 3 premiere episode on Wednesday, the Spike series will make its highly anticipated return with one sir imitating another.

Sir Ben Kingsley spared no accessory to emulate fellow British star, Sir Elton John, while performing his iconic hit, "Rocket Man."

Donning identical round glasses, the actor immediately has us doing a double take as he pretended to belt out the classic from behind a glittering white grande piano, complete with a smoke machine and dancers dangling from the ceiling.  

If the stage wasn't eccentric enough, Kingsley also wore a silver metallic bodysuit complete with a red, white and blue oversized hood with miniature models of the planets attached to it. 

Lip Sync Battle Performances

Unfortunately, we have to wait until Wednesday night to see all that Kingsley or his opponent John Cho have in store for the season debut. Still, don't think it's gonna be a long, long time! While the clip teasing the upcoming episode was very brief, it promised plenty to look forward to in just two more days. 

Though the performances are still a mystery, the performers are not. Thanks to a lengthy teaser trailer for the season set to the tune of "Beat It," we know that plenty of A-listers will take the Lip Sync mic this year, including Orange Is the New Black stars Uzo Aduba, Ruby Rose, Laverne Cox and Samira Wiley

Late night legend Jay Leno, comedian Wanda Sykes and actress America Ferrera are a few more of the many famous faces we will see on Spike's stage this year.