Scream Queens' John Stamos and Jamie Lee Curtis Make Out and Bond Over Their Yogurt Commercial Pasts

Learn fun new facts about Jamie Lee Curtis, John Stamos, Emma Roberts, and Billie Lourd

By Lauren Piester Oct 05, 2016 6:00 PMTags

Missing Scream Queens?

Due to some nonsense listed in our guide as a "Vice Presidential Debate," we had to miss out this week on the pithy one-liners, hot docs, and crazy diseases we've come to expect from season two of Scream Queens, but thankfully we don't have to go two full weeks without that delightful cast. 

In the clips above and below, exclusive to E! News, the Scream Queens cast members interview each other in order to uncover some of the most secret and surprising fun facts about themselves and each other. 

First, we have Jamie Lee Curtis and John Stamos, who are officially our new favorite duo. They quiz each other on former costars, their old jobs as yogurt spokespeople, their glasses, and they even make out a little bit. It's honestly kind of life-changing. 

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Then, we have Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd, who debate the differences between boxers and briefs, freak out about lottery tickets, and reveal that they're actually "Swiss boarding school twins."

Scream Queens returns next Tuesday with an episode called "Handidates," which sounds like a reference to Dr. Brock's (Stamos) transplanted hand. According to the episode's official description, Chad believes that Brock is the murderer, but Dean Munsch, Denise, and the Chanels are looking to Hester and the original Halloween massacre survivor for answers. 

Come back tomorrow to see more fun cast interviews! 

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.